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6 phase meditation


Daily meditation is a life changer. The 6 phase meditation radically improves our well-being, physically and psychologically. So, doing this meditation on a daily basis can help you get rid of a lot of problem-related to your health.

The 6 Phase Meditation is critically a praised Quest from Mind valley, and we would like to provide you prompt access to the 6 phase meditation completely free.

Born on January 14th in the year 1976, in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Vishen Lakhiani is an entrepreneur and innovator in the area of education skills. He is a speaker, investor, as well as writer of “Code Of Extraordinary Mind and the “MindValley” which is the creation of Vishen Lakhiani.

In this content, we’ll be discussing all the features of 6 Phase meditation which is a guided meditation by Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of MindValley.


What Does It Mean by 6 Phase Meditation?

What does it mean by 6 phase meditation


The 6 Phase Meditation is basically a 21-minute guided meditation that will enable you to compose and address the absolute most problems that are begging to be addressed as a whole face. This is not a particular religious or social-based meditation.

It is an any and all individual’s meditation practice that sustains the most engaged enthusiast to the total apprentice to meditation. Described by Vishen Lakhiani himself, the training takes you through what he feels are the six fundamentals everybody needs in their lives to flourish.

Past the majority of the advantages settled upon by science with regards to meditation, this specific meditation is equipped to have you consider things throughout your business life.

With the best possible measure of center, this training can bring remarkable transformation to you, perhaps the first yoga class when you attempt it said Vishen Lakhiani. The good news is you can have personal development, self-reflection, personal growth, with daily practice.

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How Does The 6 Phase Meditation Work?

Observation is perhaps the most powerful instrument we should lead the strength of our intelligence, prosperity and develop harmony, and also increase our effectiveness.

Moreover, observation inspires us to increase our passionate idea, viability, and versatility. A variety of science shows that self-reflection can shape personal gratification for you, me, and also another person out there. So, let’s now know how does the meditation practice work…

Brings Structural Change To Our Brains

When you make a change into an alternative brainwave relapse, with Mindvalley you furthermore actuate several areas of your cerebrum. Then, this develops your mind’s physical structure. Here are mainly two parts of our brain that transform on account of replication:

Medial Prefrontal Cortex Part Of Our Brain

This portion is our “Me Center,” which is responsible for the measurement of facts about your own self. That includes practices like

Considering the future dreaming

Wandering in an imaginary land


Social corporations

Assuming another individual’s perspective

And also feeling kindness for other person and our own families too.

This’s familiar as the “Center For Oneself Referencing.” After replication, you will initiate to draw on inside just the minute you have to.

Lateral Prefrontal Cortex Called A Part Of Our Brain

This part is known as the “Assessment Center,” some part of this cerebrum is involved with changing passionate responses that begin from the anxiety place or dissimilar pieces of our brain.

uring an energetic Lateral Prefrontal Cortex, you are more hostile to think regarding things factually, and you are bound to repeal programmed meditation practices.

6 Phase Meditation Strengthening Our Corpus Callosum

We may or may not understand that our brain’s left side has real experience in the examination, semantic abilities, and also mathematics. All at once, the right side of the state of the cerebrum works in ingenuity.

That’s the object that persons are referring to when they discuss the right-brain left-cerebrum worldview, world love, and world peace. The aspect of the corpus callosum is to provide more compassion to the world.

The matter a large part of us in that of Western world experience is that in general, we will strengthen our left cerebrum further, leaving our stranded right brain to beat.

Initiation Of Various Brainwaves Through Meditation

We have 5 main groups of brainwaves present. Each of that brainwave frequencies is matching with a specific action. For instance, a large number of people devote most of the daily routine time to their ‘Beta’ state, which is how our brain “functions, thinks and works”.

In case you go to a silent, religious place, you will come to the state which is called Theta. This Theta state is all about calmness, roundedness, happiness, and forgiveness.

When you have a stress or dreamless night, you are typically having gamma waves. However, only the monastics who are practicing meditation daily for a long time now can achieve such a state even as having their eyes open widely. You can change your brainwave frequency only with the assistance of meditation and yoga.


With the help of meditation, you can have a great sense of forgiveness, will get a grateful attitude, stress-free life, success in life, productivity, power, energy, happiness, better future, etc. SUch are the benefits of meditation.

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How To Start With 6 Phase Meditation?

How To Start With 6 Phase Meditation


You should start your 6 phase meditation with relaxation.

At first, prepare the meditation space by setting some soothing and calming music in the background.

Find a relaxed place to sit in, make sure the place is somewhere quiet and calm

Close the eyes & take a profound breath

Gradually exhale and then count down starting from 20 and thus let you go down into a comfortable beta state of the brain

Then to go more profound into this place, begin with a mild relaxation of the physical body. Move the focus down the figure, and ease each segment wholly as you go more profound.

Feel that feeling of relaxation flow all the way to your toes.

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6 Phase Meditation Practice For Personal Growth:

6 Phase Meditation


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Following the above steps, you are all set to start the Six phases of meditation for personal growth. This 6 phase meditation contains 6 steps or phases. These steps are as follow:

  1. Connection/Compassion
  2. Gratitude
  3. Forgiveness
  4. Visualizing your perfect future
  5. Daily Intension
  6. Blessing

Let’s now know about these 6 phases of the 6 phase meditation procedure:


create the sense of Connection/Compassion


In this first step see you for what you are, a portion of awareness directly connected to another life custom on planet earth

Steps & Benefit
  • For this, focus on consciousness. See it as a white light adjacent to your whole physique in an effervesce of peaceful, grateful, thankful manner, loving energy, gentle.
  • Visualize this light intensifying to attach you to your entire life, neighborhood, city, country, continent, world.
  • Finally, achieve and feel that common sense on togetherness




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Recognize that when you show thankful gratitude for staggering minutes throughout your life, at that point you uncover the method for those minutes to recap themselves just as productive as far as their significance

Steps & Benefit
  • For this, infer three things that you are genuinely appreciative for little or enormous
  • Express gratitude for these things. Distinctively review how they affected you. Utilize each of the 5 detects: Touch, Smell, Sound, Taste, and Vision
  • Now feel this gratitude vibrate all through your figure without any struggle.





Recognize that at a more profound level we’re one, just as any negative duty toward some other in the logical inconsistency of you.

Steps & Benefit
  • For this, infer any individual with who you have has a contention.
  • Imagine that individual before you
  • Apologies for any off-base that you brought to them.
  • Request their absolution. Pardon them for any off-base that they brought to you.
  • Create that feeling of pardoning all through your body.

Visualizing Your Perfect Future:

Visualizing Your Perfect Future


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As you wrap, profoundly disclose to yourself that let something or this better clarify in your life

Steps & Benefit
  • Visualize all the various parts of your life as you need them to unfurl in the following 3 years.
  • Be as striking as could be expected under the circumstances, fuse every one of the 5 detects: Touch, Sound, Smell, Vision, and Taste.

 Daily Intention:

Daily Intention productivity


Envision yourself making today amazingly superb as well.

Steps & Benefit
  • For this, visualize yourself from the present minute, living the best form of this specific day. Make it as striking as could be expected under the circumstances. Get feelings of euphoria, energy, and appreciation.
  • Carry yourself as far as possible from your day, and see yourself hitting the hay and going into a profound, open to, restoring rest.




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Realize that karma is your ally and the Universe has your back

Steps & Benefit
  • For this, Call on any higher power you put stock in (this could be your own inward quality)
  • Request karma, vitality, support. Request help making your ideal day with the goal that you can make your fantasies for the next 3 years unfurl
  • Feel this help and vitality surrounding you, a defensive vitality grasping you and provides you a perfect day.


Finally, bring yourself slowly out of your 6 phase meditation by counting upwards from 1 to 5. In this way, your day is about to start in a wonderful way and all your wildest dreams and visions for the next 3 years are coming to you. There are a million reasons to practice this meditation as it has a great impact on life than reading powerful personal growth books.

With regular week-by-week practice with similar technologies, you can get the benefits of productivity in your life. You can also practice this to start a perfect day.


Q. Is the 6 phase meditation free?

A. NO, you have to sign up to their official site called Mindvalley to start your guided practice of 6 phase meditation. Although you will get to know about it from other sources but to get the appropriate method you have to sign up to the official site.

Q. What is perfection phase meditation?

A. The perfection Phase Meditation is basically a guided meditation that will enable you to compose and address the absolute most problems that are begging to be addressed as a whole face.

Q. Is the Omvana app free?

A. Omvana is part of the Mindvalley website, a foremost education stage for people. Your subscription here comprises a 7-days of free trial that’ll begin only after you confirm your buying and afterward will auto-renew annually to gain limitless contact to all of Omvana.

Q. What are the 6 phases of meditation?

A. The 6 Phase Meditation is critically a praised Quest from Mind Valley. These phases consist of Connection, Gratitude, Freedom from negative charges, creative visualization, Blessing and intentions for the day. Know what these phrases mean.

Q. How do I know my meditation is working?

A. After the regular practice of proper meditation, you will see changes like positive thinking, peace of mind and great energy to live your life.

Q. Can meditation heal your body?

A. There are several types of meditation that you can practice to heal your body. But it is always advised to hire an expert for your meditation practices.

Q. Can you listen to relaxing music while

A. Of course, you can listen to relaxing music while meditating as each and every type of meditation requires peace of mind. So, you can do whatever to make your mind calm.

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