What Is Jedi Meditation & How Does It Work?

Jedi Meditation


Jedi Meditation is something as humble as closing the eyes, taking deep breathing, and sitting in the comfy chair. You do not have to sit cross-legged on a pillow or on the ground. All you need to do is just to find yourself a soundless spot in your home & sit there.

The Jedi meditation is a method that will explain to you how to become a Jedi through daily assistance you can practice to become more active and healthier. So, let’s know what does it mean by Jedi meditation, how to meditate like a Jedi, as well as what are the benefits of this meditation.

What is Jedi Meditation & How Does It Work?

What is Jedi Meditation & How Does It Work


The Jedi meditation methods have been practiced since ancient times as a technique of gaining wisdom and insight in the Force. There’re many diverse meditation methods, but most of them have been lost due to the effects of time. This following method is the 1st step of the commonly practiced Jedi Meditation method.

This meditation practice is obviously a vital part of the Jedi routine. Jedi believes that a peaceful mind can be reached through the practice of meditation and observation. Jedi needs to meditate frequently so that they can clear their concentrations.

Our thoughts, like exfoliators, get dirty from the world and thus need to be washed out every day. We even engage things from those who are around us, as well as from our surroundings, the foodstuff we consume, etc. so it is essential to retain a peaceful, clear, focused mind to meditate like a Jedi/Jedi meditate regularly.

Just like all the Force training, the Jedi Meditation method follows an order of a few steps. These steps are:

(i) Control

(ii) Sense

(iii) And Alter.

You have to learn to control your own capabilities even before you can actually sense the Force of the Jedi Meditation. As soon as you have mastered sensing this Force adjacent to you, you will be able to use this Force to achieve actions and thus alter the objects and events around you.

So, the basic method of Jedi Meditation demonstrates you to take control over your mental process, as well as allows one to focus on their thoughts on one goal, though, or object i.e. the object of the meditation process.

This object needs to have a vivid subjective or objective reality to you. So, it’s the easiest to initiate with a bodily object like a candle or a ball. Once you have learned to meditate on the physical substances, you may continue to the mental stuff, for example, mental goals or images. Make sure that your mental objects are well-defined in your mind. As you now know what is Jedi meditation, let’s now know the steps to do this meditation.

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Step by Step Guidelines for the Basic Jedi Meditation:

Step by Step Guidelines for the Basic Jedi Meditation


  • to start Jedi meditation techniques, at first, sit down on a cushion, or on the ground, with the neck and spine straight.
  • Now place your both hands on your lap, keep your palms upward
  • Then relax the entire body intensely and as speedily as you can (If you can’t do this speedily then do not worry as with proper practice, you’ll definitely be capable to relax more quickly)
  • You have to relax yourself using the Technique of Calming Breath
  • After you are completely relaxed, you have to normalize your breathing process to a peaceful and calm rate
  • In case you are using any physical object, then you must focus on the object properly
  • If you’re using any mental object such as an idea or an image, then close your eyes to focus within your self
  • Try to retain your feelings from wandering as well as shutting out lost thoughts
  • Now open yourself to the senses and thus focus on what you smell, what you hear.
  • Focus on the fact that how the floor feels underneath you, & also how your breathing procedure feels when you inhale
  • Let the senses be a regular part of the stream of thoughts of yours
  • Concentrate your feelings upon the objects (both Physical & Mental objects) of your Jedi meditation.

Benefits of Jedi Meditation:

jedi meditation


The following are the health benefits of Jedi meditation, as evidenced by scientific studies –

It Reduces Stress:

Most people try to meditate to reduce stress. Research has also shown that doing meditation also improves stress-related conditions, such as irritability due to irregular bowel movements, stress due to an injury or accident, and fibromyalgia (muscle and bone pain), etc.

Enhances Emotional Health:

By doing Jedi meditation, your attitude towards yourself changes and your attitude towards life is also positive. People who do meditation have more brain activity than those who do not, meaning they have control over their brains. People who used to meditate, there is a change in their thinking, now they are thinking more positively than before.

Increases Concentration:

Meditation with focused attention can help you increase concentration. It increases the strength and patience required to concentrate.

Increases Self-Awareness:

Meditation Jedi/Jedi Meditating helps you understand yourself. With which you can control yourself in your troubles and adversity. These meditation techniques have also been found to increase concentration, memory and brain speed in older people.

Meditation Makes You Kind:

Jedi meditation specifically increases positive thoughts and positive reactions to oneself and others. Metta, a type of meditation, also known as loving-kindness meditation, increases your compassion. By practicing this, a feeling of kindness and forgiveness towards others develops.


Do these steps till you’re able to focus on the objects without interruption for the period of your Jedi Meditation. As soon as you’ve mastered the steps of this meditation, you will increase a sense of the objects through the Force.

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