What Is Merkaba Meditation & How Does It Work?

Merkaba Meditation


Merkaba Meditation is a type of meditation that opens up the infinite potentials of your way of life, lifts your being. This meditation also helps you to relish life enthusiastically and is related to intellectualism and spirituality. But to understand Merkaba Meditation and to know the procedure to do, first, we need to understand the meaning of Merkaba. So let’s know what is Merkaba Meditation and what does it mean

What Is The Meaning of Merkaba Meditation


What Is The Meaning of Merkaba Meditation?

Merkaba is made up of three short Egyptian words “Mer-ka-ba”. The word “Merkaba” is pronounced in many ways, such as Merkabah, Merkava, and Merkavah.

The word “Mer” means “light that interchanges within itself

At the same time, the word ‘Ka’ reflects the person’s soul

And the word ‘Ba’ refers to the interpretation of the reality of the soul.

The word ‘MER’ refers to a particular type of light that was understood in Egypt during the 18th dynasty after the re-orientation of religions towards the worship of God for the whole creation. ‘Mer’ was seen as one of the two spinning areas on the same zodiac of light.

In these areas, a person makes special breathing patterns when they are generated. These areas are generated when a person follows specific breathing patterns.

In human reality, ‘Ba’ is usually defined as the body or physical reality. In reality, where souls do not need the body, ‘Ba’ explains reality in its scope, where they live.

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What is Merkaba Meditation


What is Merkaba Meditation?

So basically, Merkaba Meditation is a crystalline energy field that is involved in that particular sacred geometry that aligns the mind, body and heart together. Merkaba enables us to experience expansive awareness, connects us with the high potential of consciousness and restores the use and memory of the infinite possibilities of our being.

Many people know about meditation, but few people have heard about Merkaba meditation. Merkaba brings you in a state where you can become aware of all the energy around you. It helps you learn different ways of controlling respiratory and organisms. Meditation helps you to relax, refresh you, and improve your overall health.

It acts as a medium and takes you into a situation that you have not experienced before. It affects your heart, as well as it affects your soul too. Let us know below in detail about Merkaba Meditation.

How to Do Merkaba Meditation


How to Do Merkaba Meditation?

First, sit comfortably in a quiet place and then hold your index finger with your thumb to make the Prayer Mudra

Do this with both hands and keep both palms facing upward

Imagine a red light after this, open the original cycle and hold the breath

Now changing the finger (hold the middle finger with your thumb) inhale and then hold your breath for a while, then leave the breath out.

After this, imagine an orange light

Keep the eyes down

After this, change the finger again

Now hold the third fingers (ring finger) with your thumb together

Then imagine the yellow light

Inhale and then hold your breath for a while, then leave the breath out.

Afterward, hold your fourth finger (little finger) with your thumb

Now imagine green light

Then repeat the same process like breathing inside, hold your breath for some time, then leave the breath out

Again hold your index with your thumb

Now imagine blue light and open the throat chakra

Then repeat the same process like inhaling and hold your breath for some time then leave breathing out

Again hold the second finger with your thumb

Now imagine Indigo light and open the Bhau Chakra

Then repeat the same breath process

Keep the eyes down

Again hold the third fingers (ring finger) with your thumb together

Now imagine the purple light

Imagine the crowning wheel is opening up

Inhale and then hold your breath for a while, then leave the breath out

Take deep breaths

Breathe in rhythmically

Feel the love feeling around you

Let us continue with what you meditate


Merkaba Meditation procedure consist a total of 18 regular breathing processes, with every breath demonstrating a step toward balancing your energy fields.

Benefits of The Merkaba Meditation


Benefits of The Merkaba Meditation:

  • This is the best way to awaken the Kundalini power soon
  • It helps one to practice the infinite potentials of one’s being
  • Merkaba Meditation increases your consciousness and also lifts your awareness.
  • It balances one’s mind and thus relieves stress
  • Merkaba Meditation increases the receptive and intuitive aspects of one’s mind
  • It upturns your energy as well as enables a robust connection with your life
  • Merkaba Meditation helps to heal one’s being and thus it also helps one to have a more profound contact with one’s higher self
  • It improves your overall health
  • This allows you to control your emotions well

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