Third Eye Meditation | How To Open Third Eye

Third Eye Meditation


The most important aspect of Shiva is that he can open his third eye. To be able to open the third eye means to become able to set oneself free from all the unnecessary aspects of this world. As long as you do not take your perception beyond the current boundaries, there is no other way to know. And you can do that only by practicing third-eye meditation.

People say that when Shiva opened the third eye, there was a fire out of it. This fire was a symbol of this, that whatever bad was hidden inside them, they burnt them all.


What Does It Mean By Third Eye Chakra?

What Does It Mean By Third Eye chakra


The third eye is also known as the Ajna Chakra or pineal gland. This Ajna chakra is situated between your eyebrows (physical eyes) and serves as the eye that sees within and gives clear seeing. It manages our five physical senses and brings higher consciousness.

When this chakra is purified and balanced through third-eye meditation, you gain power over your thoughts, concentration, attention, etc. It is connected to enlightenment and Samadhi. With this chakra, you can visualize and manifest.

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What is Third Eye Meditation?

What is Third Eye Meditation


The third eye meditation is to unleash the onion layer. Just as the layer is used on the onion, the same is the trap of the four layers of our order cycle which has been created by our thoughts.

These layers are opened by third-eye meditation one by one and in the end, with emptiness, we can capture any wave in the infinite universe. The main function of the Mandir chakras is to capture the waves that are rotating.

How Does The Third Eye Meditation Work?

How Does The Third Eye Meditation Work?


The third eye opening meditation helps us to open our third eye which is the energy centers that are needed to see the truth of our life. That is when our eyes are closed, then we can start the process of seeing through the third eye.

Start your meditation practice by awakening the third eye with third-eye meditation. At the beginning of such mindfulness meditation, it is quite difficult but practice will make you perfect.

So, practice meditation to build your spiritual connection, improve your inner self, and chakra system, increase mental clarity, etc.

Method Of Practicing Third Eye Opening Meditation:

Method Of Awakening pineal gland or Third Eye chakra Meditation


In meditation, control of respiration refers to the simplest method of awakening the third eye, which we fulfill in several steps. All the steps of this exercise are also complete and provide different experiences.

  • First of all, come to the state of meditation, in which you feel most comfortable
  • After this, start the process of relaxing your body, mind, and spirit
  • Then bringing the body and mind into a comfortable condition, take complete care of your deep breath for the third eye activation.
  • If your mind wanders in the first few minutes, do not panic and concentrate on your breathing again
  • Try to hear the sound that is produced when the deep breath comes
  • In the second step, you close your eyes and focus your attention on the middle of the eyebrow i.e. between your eyes (The upper extremity of the nose, where there is a depth between the eyes), and focus
  • After some time you will see a shining point
  • This is exactly like you are entering a depth
  • But you have to keep your focus on a bright spot rather than that tunnel
  • Maybe your attention starts to wander, and you start seeing things apart from the point
  • In such a way, you can ignore them by not paying attention to them
  • Like in Trataka, we do it with open eyes
  • Chant mantras and you can count the mantras using lapis lazuli bead
  • This will give you an advantage and will start shaking the vibrations of thoughts that come to your mind and you will be able to get as much focus
  • When you cross both the above steps you get a state of zero
  • In this state, you do not even know your body
  • When you reach the state of zero you become free from physical bondage and start catching the waves that surround you with mental flexibility
  • With this, you will be able to see glimpses of time by opening your third eye chakras
  • In the third stage opening your third eye chakras, we should note that our mental state is in a state of balance now you can slowly open your eyes as your sixth chakra has opened

To calm your mind you can play background music or make a sound using purple violet tourmaline or binaural beats.

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How Much Time Does It Take To Open Your Third Eye?

forehead head form

There is no certain rule of fixed time to open your third eye chakra and other chakras. Some individual thinks it takes a month, or a week, or just a few days, or maybe much longer. Also, some people believe that opening your third eye may take years or even a lifetime of energy work practice.

Opening your third eye chakra is a meditation practice that one should repeat daily as consistency plays a significant role. Simply observe by sitting in a comfortable position for your open third eye and activate chakras practice.

Try to spend at least 10 minutes per day with high consciousness and pay attention to activating your third eye chakras through meditation, prayer, chanting, dance, kundalini yoga, using the sixth sense, flower essence, and essential oil.

However, it is essential not to hurry or not try to do it forcefully. For opening your third eye, focus on paying attention to the practice while you enjoy the method and do what feels appropriate for you, instead of trying to activate your sixth sense with forceful feelings of wisdom, or intuition.

Food Choices You Must Have Throughout The Process:

food choice

Opening your third eye isn’t easy. It takes time and patience. And the practice alone can’t help you open your third eye. For this, you must follow a proper diet with certain foods to increase the ability and fullest capacity of your brain.

Experts who provide medical advice believe that proper food choice can play a vital role in opening the third eye. Here is a list of several foods that will help you fight anger issues, increase brain ability, and detoxify & support your third eye, consists of:

vitamin d

raw cacao

white sage

goji berries

purple kale


purple cabbage


star anise

raw apple cider vinegar



hemp seeds

coconut oil



purple foods

vitamin D3

Note that These are the food choices that help to purify your pineal gland. It is vital to remember that there is no logical proof behind this.

Interesting Fact Related to Third Eye Chakra Meditation:

pineal gland or Third Eye opening Meditation:


Some basic things related to the third eye chakra meditation that will make you more clear about it

Position of Third Eye:

The front of the forehead, in the middle of your eyebrow.

Color of Third Eye:

Indigo red and blue-green algae mix.


The chant of “OM” in which “O” represents the ‘sun’ element and “M” lunar element for sound healing.

Elements to Practice Mindfulness Meditation:

The nature of the pathways i.e. telepathic energy.

Sense Means Feeling:

Probably the surest indication of third eye activation is the inclination of dedication. Ordinarily, individuals say that dedication is an encounter of the heart and the center is the capacity of the mind. In any case, third-eye activation prompts the experience of genuine dedication.

It very well may be coordinated towards an artistic expression, a subject, or training however ordinarily, it is towards heavenliness.


At the time of awakening of the third eye is not necessary that we have the same experience as we want. As you wish in your mind you feel the incidence of time associated with yourself. But when you reach that state, then your third eye can catch the unwanted waves that move around in the universe.

In most of the experience, when looking at incidents related to themselves in the awakening of the third eye, they can easily see the events of others. It is also right or not depending on what your informational purposes are. So do not panic yourself.

Every person has the power to watch the events of a little bit of the chronological events. But this is possible when our mind is emotional; in this condition, the experience is very quick. Most people start to fear the awareness of the third eye as they can’t share their experiences. So, don’t get afraid as it is natural.

Once you can open your third eye with the help of the third eye meditation process, you will have a greater responsibility. This responsibility is because you can see the doors that need to be opened for others. Help people see what you see through your third eye. You can also get help from website services.


Q. How long do you have to meditate to open your third eye?

A. There is no certain rule of fixed time to open your third eye chakra and other chakras. Some individual thinks it takes a month, or a week, or just a few days, or maybe much longer.

Q. What does a third eye mean spiritually?

A. To be able to open the third eye means to become able to set oneself free from all the unnecessary aspects of this world. As long as you do not take your perception beyond the current boundaries, there is no other way to know.

Q. How long does it take to open the third eye?

A. Depending on your ability, wisdom, and intuition to practice and follow all the necessary things it may take a week month, or even a year.

Q. What are the benefits of meditation music?

A. Meditation music provides many benefits to the practitioner such as low blood pressure, reduced stress, and anxiety, as well as many more. 963 Hz music benefits are many but 432 Hz benefits are even more.

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