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Tummo meditation


Tummo Meditation is also known as the Tibetan Inner Fire Meditation. In the winter season, our whole body seems stiff. It does not feel like doing anything in winter, we keep on spending time in bed. In such a case, we forget to get out of bed on cold days.

But by that, we will become unwell, because it is not right to sleep more than enough or to sit in one place. Therefore, to fight this cold weather, we are telling you about what is Tummo Meditation or Tibetan Inner Fire Meditation.

So we have to do some activity that keeps us warm. Our body has the power to bring energy; we should just come to bring it. You probably will not be aware but the practice of Tummo meditation or Tibetan Inner Fire Meditation also helps to create heat in the body.

Let’s now know in brief about Tummo Meditation or Tibetan Inner Fire Meditation and how to practice Tummo Meditation.


What’s Tummo Meditation?


Yoga Tummo came to us from cold and harsh Tibet. This Yoga of Inner Warmth is indeed accessible to many, and no special qualifications, such as a sharpened intellect or outstanding spiritual strength, are required for it, at least at first.

Cold is increasing gradually; in this case, you also get chances of getting cold. Meditation increases your immunity system so that you will get the strength to fight cold diseases. You can also call it Tibetan Inner Fire Meditation or Tummo Meditation.

Tummo signifies ‘Inward Fire’, which is an antiquated reflection system rehearsed by priests in Tibetan Buddhism. Tummo Meditation exists as a mix of breathing and perception procedures, used to enter a covert government of contemplation that is utilized to build an individual’s ‘inward warmth’.

This inward warmth empowers somebody to control one’s internal heat level, for instance keeping the body warm in chilly conditions. Everyone has this internal warmth, yet a great many people don’t know about it.

Tummo breathing is a tantric meditation for increasing body temperature where functional magnetic resonance imaging is used to visualize inner heat. Following this, you will experience vase breathing techniques. Such tummo breathing techniques incorporate forceful breathing. Tummo breathing contract the practitioner’s abdominal and pelvic floor muscles (navel and lumbar regions) so that your protruding lower belly takes a pot or vase shape.

Tummo meditation guide or Tibetan Inner Fire Meditation guide shows that it is a very old technique of meditation. This technique is adopted by Buddhist Monks. This method of meditation burns all the wrong thoughts inside you.

It shows the right direction for your mind. It also helps you to think right. The benefits of Tummo Meditation are many. Let’s now in details below:


This meditation was started thousands of years ago on the Himalayas. This is a type of Tantric Yoga. It is quite easy to meditate.

Why Tummo Breathing Deep Meditation?

Tummo meditation, or inner fire yoga, is one of the common practices among Tibetan monks, the use of which can bring healing, increase the joy of life, clear the mind and strengthen the body, and even save from the cold.

However, the practice of tummo should be approached with great care, since here there is an interference with human physiology, which means that improper use can bring harm instead of benefit. In this article, we will talk about tummo meditation, what it is, what the benefits of this practice are, and how it is done.

So, tummo is a Tibetan practice, one of the six secret yogas of Naropa, which developed from the Buddhist tantras of India. Practitioners of yoga tummo in a certain way focus on the image of fire and the feeling of warmth, as a result of which their body temperature rises to such an extent that a person becomes able to dry wet clothes on himself on a frosty day and even melt the snow around him.

Documentary evidence of such stunning results was not found, however, studies have shown that the practice of this type of meditation does increase the temperature of the human body.

For a long time, the technique of performing tummo remained a secret and was passed on only to the elite, mainly to the monks of monasteries. But, over time, passing from student to student, this secret practice spread throughout Tibet, and then became available to Western people, who, by the way, this technique suits due to almost immediate benefits.

Of course, to warm up in the Russian winter, being in light clothing, long practice is necessary, preferably with a mentor, however, by practicing tummo, almost anyone can improve their concentration abilities, and increase their energy level and self-confidence. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of practicing tummo meditation.

  • Warming with the power of thought. You may never need the benefit of this type of meditation, however, in theory, you can warm yourself, and even those around you, if you practice regularly.
  • Increasing mental clarity and concentration. This meditation practice leads to such an effect due to the need to use imagination and concentration for its implementation.
  • Help immunity. As you know, many bacteria and viruses die at a body temperature above 38 degrees Celsius or reduce their activity, so we can help our bodies when we get sick. Although, it remains unclear how the meditator’s body itself can tolerate high body temperature.
  • Better health and increased vitality. This happens through working with internal energies such as Qi or Prana.
  • Development of confidence and inner strength. Again, this happens due to work with internal energies, and specifically, the connection with the center of power of the second chakra, from which people practicing this meditation can draw strength to achieve their goals.
  • Improving memory. One possible consequence of the practice of tummo meditation.
  • Opening the chakras. It is believed that the practice of tummo is one of the best ways to open and cleanse the chakras.
  • A state of happiness and joy. Through the process of tummo meditation, the Kundalini energy is cultivated, making it a very joyful experience.
  • Spiritual growth. Meditation of the inner fire suppresses the ego and promotes the spiritual development of a person.
  • Enlightenment. Achieving unity with the divine nature is one of the main goals of almost any meditation practice.

Perhaps this short, but still, list of the benefits of inner fire has made you interested in this “wonderful” technique. In this case, I propose to immediately proceed to the description of the step-by-step technique for performing tummo meditation.

Step-by-Step Technique To Practice Tummo Meditation:


  • Find a quiet place where no one will disturb you. Sit on the mat and try to assume the “lotus” position – cross your legs and put them on top of each other. You can put your hands on your knees. However, the adoption of the lotus position is not a necessary condition, you can do this even while sitting in a chair.
  • Close your eyes. Try to turn your inner eye on yourself. Get rid of all extraneous thoughts, especially sinful, impure thoughts. Calm your mind.
  • Watch your breath. Feel your diaphragm rise and fall as you breathe. Keep monitoring the sensations in your body.
  • Now raise your attention higher. Do it slowly and carefully. Focus on the nose area, focus on the inhalation and exhalation, and the sensations you experience while inhaling and exhaling the air.
  • Having cleared all thoughts and engaged your attention, begin to imagine in your mind your body as if it were an empty shell as if it were empty inside, and the body itself takes the form of a balloon.
  • Now imagine that in the center of your body, just below the navel, where the second chakra called Svadhisthana is located, there is a hot lamp that emits a bright, warm light on the inner surface of your body.
  • Mentally imagine and try to feel how heat spreads from the center of your body throughout your body – through your stomach, chest, and all its areas.
  • Try also to gradually complete your meditation practice as you started, and do not end it abruptly. Get out of the meditative state gradually.

That is the whole technique, at least so far I have managed to find only this information. True, this, as I wrote above, is the simplest version of the technique, which, however, will also allow you to get some benefits from contemplating the inner fire.

However, do not forget that you will achieve great heights in this meditation with an advanced master who knows all the subtleties of the technique.

Shortly, I will describe a more advanced chakra and channel technique that you can use to get the most out of it.

To begin with, I should study this matter in more detail myself to provide you with as accurate and useful information as possible, including the obstacles and possible dangers of performing such a powerful technique.

The main thing is not to overdo it with its implementation, it is important not to the amount of time spent, but the quality of execution. I wish you success!

What’s The Result Of All This?

The first and most noticeable result is that techniques such as step breathing do lead to increased heat production – and even if you do not feel the strength to dry wet sheets in the cold, the body itself will certainly warm up.

In principle, such a discovery is not new to anyone who enthusiastically practiced ordinary yoga pranayamas. But there are other points – special visualizations used in Tummo yoga reduce the number of extraneous thoughts and lead the mind to a state of one-pointedness, meditation.

Carried away by the practice, at some point, you will forget about the cold, about your plans to warm up well, and about everything in the world. A state of wholeness, concentration in complete peace, and relaxation come.

You are at the same time internally collected, and completely “let go of everything” (including the eternal preoccupation with your health). It is extremely healing – on all levels! – a state of mind. In everyday life, such practices weaken the identification of “I” with the body (which is considered false in the philosophy of Yoga!).

Experienced Tummo yoga practitioners experience deep meditative states that can last for a long time. Buddhists who practice the Six Yogas of Naropa, which includes the practice of Tummo breathing, develop in themselves an almost superhuman capacity for compassion, concentration, and wisdom, on par with outstanding Orthodox saints.

And mind control and spiritual purity are good in any weather, in any season, and at any latitude!

Benefits of Tummo Meditation:


Here are some of the G-Tummo Meditation benefits or Tibetan Inner Fire Meditation that you will get from the regular practice of this meditation.

Improves Concentration and Clarity

Tummo or Inner Fire Meditation requires representation, consolidating centered consideration, and breathing activities. In Tibetan Buddhism, this is known as a quick and mysterious approach to creating focus since you use your breath, creative mind, and consideration all in one practice.

It additionally builds up sharp and clear mindfulness by raising the essentialness and vitality levels to uplift conditions of mindfulness.

Improves Health & More Energy

Tummo or Inner Fire Meditation utilizes what is normally referred to in India as Prana, or in Japan, it is known as Reiki or in China, it is called Chi. These strange powers inside us are related to well-being, mending, and long life.

Normally we squander our vitality through pushing and dispersing this vitality in the quest for outside fulfillment however Inner Fire Meditation bridles this vitality, develops it, and utilizations it for otherworldly advancement with the reaction of improved well-being and essentialness.

Evacuates Difficulties

Inward fire contemplation stirs a ground-breaking internal vitality that overpowers the sense of self and dominates. It is said that rehearsing this contemplation normally rapidly expels deterrents to otherworldly and common achievement.

This contemplation originates from the culmination phase of Vajrasana which is the most optimized plan of attack strategy to edification.

Even though this has customarily been stayed quiet and just given to the most exceptional understudies many regarded educators are currently saying that in this season of amazing antagonism there should be incredible practices like this one given to the overall population to help battle those negative powers.

Internal Bliss & Joy

The vitality you are developing is euphoric and merry. This brings energy for the training that isn’t found in your standard thing ‘simply sitting reflections’ which can turn out to be exhausting.

This inward ecstasy can even defeat dependence. On the off chance that fixation is pursuing joy, at that point the joy of internal fire makes every single other delight fail to measure up.

This internal rapture is the development of the celebrated Kundalini vitality which is a puzzling inward bliss not at all like that of outer joys, for example, sex or eating chocolate.

Likewise, you can develop this vitality anyplace whenever; I like to rehearse while driving and it’s additionally helpful when you are feeling cold or anxious as the internal rapture truly brings a genuine and substantial warmth and certainty with it.

Accomplishes Ultimate Goal In Life

A definitive objective of this training is edification – that is the association or Oneness with a perfect nature.

In Tibetan Buddhism, the hour of death is a significant time to rehearse reflection to accomplish illumination because reasonable white light normally shows up for everybody at the hour of death.

On the off chance that through training you can perceive that light as your quintessence; illumination is simple.

Tummo or Inner Fire Meditation is a technique to create this unmistakable white light during your lifetime so you don’t need to hold up till death and converge with it while you are a person to carry huge advantage to you and for other people.

Chakra Activation

Numerous individuals ask me how I open my chakras. All things considered, Inner Fire Meditation is a splendid method to do this and is one of the fundamental purposes behind this training.

The primary objective of the training is to accomplish edification through clearing the chakras, entering the focal channel, and offering to ascend to exceptional euphoria and lucidity which effectively comprehends that illumination is as of now our actual nature. Yet, even learners have astounding outcomes.

More Confidence & Power

Rehearsing the Tummo breathing or Inner Fire Meditation interfaces the specialist with the power focal point of the second chakra which in yoga is related to physical power, sexuality, and innovativeness.

It centers and positively utilizes anxious vitality to help manufacture certainty and dissipate perplexity.

In combative techniques, this is the inside where military specialists attract their quality to perform astounding accomplishments of parity, quality, and busting through concrete squares with their strikes.

What’s more, in Tai Chi this is the place all the center is held to create elegant and superbly adjusted development.

Tackling this internal power is saddling the ability to accomplish every one of your objectives and dreams and to pick up the vitality to arrive at your maximum capacity.

Other Benefits

  • Tummo meditation increases your concentration power
  • It is also very helpful in enhancing memory power
  • Tibetan Inner Fire Meditation makes you quiet and thus keeps your mind happy
  • It helps in maintaining your health
  • This improves lung health
  • It is beneficial for people who have trouble breathing
  • This Meditation strengthens your mind and gives you the power to fight wrong thoughts
  • Tummo Meditation or Tibetan Inner Fire Meditation keeps the practitioner warm from within

These are the benefits of Tummo Meditation or Tibetan Inner Fire Meditation. So, next time if you feel lazy due to excessively cold weather, then you can practice this meditation to warm up your body. You can practice this meditation in the winter season.


Tummo meditation is a type of breathing technique to assist people to reach enlightenment. The Buddhist monks made the method a lot of years ago as a part of their 6 Dharmas of Naropa for raising body temperature in cold weather.

Professional tummo practitioners use it to increase the normal body temperature as with this practice, modest skin temperature increases. Thus, it is a method to get a deep meditative state for extended periods.

However, there’s little info on how to accurately do tummo breathing and visualization techniques. Practitioners recommend that you learn the Tummo breathing technique only from a skilled teacher.

In case a person suffers from any health problems that may affect their breathing techniques, they must consult with a physician before they practice tummo meditation breathing techniques. Further, they must exercise cautiously when they practice tummo meditation to increase their core body temperature.

So, everyone can try Tummo Breathing- subject to normal physical health, of course. On the other hand, as practitioners belonging to Buddhist traditions note, in order for the practice to become a full-fledged system of spiritual development, those who are seriously interested will need to go through special preparatory practices and initiations that guarantee.

On the one hand, the authenticity of the knowledge gained, and on the other hand, create a safety cushion in work with powerful, sometimes completely transforming life and consciousness, energies.

As in the case of Hatha yoga, this is an eternal confrontation between “physicists” who want to know and try everything, and “lyricists” who assure that without a number of initiations from an enlightened Teacher, religious faith in the principles of practice and a generous blessing from above is not enough what you will achieve – unless, indeed, you dry a couple of sheets on your back, for the amusement of yourself and others.

The essence of the practice itself is that you choose a secluded place in nature. And perform a sequence of physical, breathing, and meditative exercises.


Q. Is Tummo breathing the same as a breath of Fire?

A. Tummo breathing is a blend of breathing and visualization techniques, utilized to enter an in-depth state that’s used to improve the inner core body temperature and normal body temperature. This breathing technique is certainly great for elevated body temperature but it is not similar to a breath of fire.

Although the meditation techniques are identical, both are completely different. Where tummo breathing techniques involve visualization of fire that brings significant temperature difference, the breath of fire practice does not.

Unlike breath of Fire, in Tummo breathing and isometric techniques, your Neurocognitive and somatic components of temperature increase

Q. How often should you practice Tummo?

A. You can practice Tummo once a day (preferably in the morning). Since the peripheral body temperature increases because of reduced blood flow to favorably active brain parts and increased peripheral blood flow, you shouldn’t practice this more often.

Q. What type of meditation does Wim Hof do?

A. The precise breathing practice of the Wim Hof shares elements with age-old techniques such as Pranayama yogas and Tummo meditations but are eventually one of a kind.

Q. What is tummo meditation?

A. G-Tummo meditation or Tibetan Inner Heat Meditation is a very old technique of meditation. This technique is adopted by Buddhist Monks. To practice this meditation, when Buddhist Monks used to inhale deeply yet taking gentle breathing, they used to produce body heat.

Tummo is typically a Tibetan word. This word refers to ‘inner heat’ or ‘fierce’. Devout Buddhist monks usually perform this meditation.

It’s a meditation practice that increases regulating cognitive performance, awakens inner heat, and discharges your spiritual power, which cures the inner heart of evil ideas and helps you in controlling the body and mind to reach your goal.

You’ll surely learn a lot about this meditation in case you visit any Tibetan Buddhist monastery for meditative visualization.

Q. What Are The Benefits of Tummo Meditation?

A. If you practice Tummo meditation regularly, you will get many benefits from tummo breathing. Although Tummo breathing was created by Tibetan monks (Tibetan Buddhist monks), many practitioners simply maintain the breathing exercises even now to get the most psychic heat.

So, here are the benefits of this gentle breath ancient practice of Kundalini yoga

  • The vase breathing technique reduces high blood pressure
  • Wim Hof’s method produces sufficient heat to do stress management
  • Its physiological mechanisms help in chakra activation
  • Increase inner peace and give relief from stress-related illnesses
  • When you exhale slowly, you get a relaxation response (however, if you exhale forcefully or forcefully breath, you may damage your inner peace) as per Harvard medical school.

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