Slow down and seize the moment

We are so busy today, running after an ideal life, full of comforts and leisure -a happy life! But this ideal life always appears to be on the horizon. It is somewhere you will never reach, no matter how much or how fast you run!

And after a long long chase, you may realize that you are going in circles, round and round; never reaching anywhere at all. After all, the earth is round and the horizon is a point that you can see but never be there. So, what is the need to run?


Why are you so busy?

It may sound weird, but most people have no clear idea of why they are doing what they are doing! They are busy because they feel that it is essential to be busy. You are worthless if you are not busy!

But This busy-ness is not purposeful. It is more like the hyperactive movements of a person under a fit of epilepsy. He may move very fast, but without any purpose. In fact, he has no control over what is happening to him.  And you might be living a similar life. You may have no control over what you do.

We have become a market-driven society. With a lot of market hammering, you are being programmed about what you should like, what you should do, or what you should have. You might be living a ready-made dream. But this sponsored dream may not be YOUR dream. Your dream is always somewhere close to the horizon.

And you can feel the void. Hence the dissatisfaction leading to a never-ending chase, a busy life, long work hours, because it appears that all this hard work will get you closer and closer to your dream!

That’s why busy-ness is an illusion. Happiness is not on the horizon waiting for you to reach there. Life is not waiting to happen. It is right now, right here;constantly tapping at your shoulder, trying to get you to look at it, feel it, and live it – right now!

Take a mindful look

So, take a moment, relax, and look mindfully at your life. Do you like the way things are? Do you like what you are doing? Are you waiting to do something that you love? If you are too busy to do what you really passionate about, then you might be spending a lot of time doing things that are not required at all.

And it may appear that this hard work/ overtime/ extra hours are getting you closer to your dream life. But these extra work-hours just make you more accustomed to a sub-standard life. In the end, you may feel so tired that you may give up this entire idea of a dream life. It happens to most of us – busy-ness kills the dream it was supposed to achieve!

Besides, even if you earn a lot, this money may not bring you the results you desire. Think about it! For example, having an expensive piece of furniture doesn’t earn you time with your loved ones. But it can sure eat up your time, a lot of time that you would spend trying to earn enough money to buy it. This furniture is too expensive if it eats up the time that you deserve to spend with your family or friends.

Seize the moment

A deep insight in your life might make you uncomfortable, even anxious for an immediate change. So, what should you do? Chuck your job? leave people you don’t like? Nope! Many times, an unknown situation may look more bearable than a critical problem at hand. The grass always looks greener on the other side, but only when you are not looking mindfully!

So, let’s start with being in the moment. Because anything you can do about your problems can be done only in the present moment, even if it is mindful planning for the future.

Instant Decluttering with mindfulness

The biggest problem in our life is the dilemma – what to do and what not to do. It applies to most of the things in our lives. But what if you are absolutely clear about what you want? Then you have solved the biggest problem – the problem of choice! After that, the solution to all other problems is just a matter of time. How to reach this state of absolute clarity? Mindfulness is the way!

When you are stable in the present, all your automated responses seize. The marketing clutter, peer pressure, social norms – everything takes a back seat. With a mindful attitude, It is very hard to push or pull you to unwanted things. You just know what you want and what you don’t want. And this acute clarity is the solution to all problems.

The Biggest Wealth

According to all ancient wisdom, satisfaction is the biggest wealth, but also it is the hardest to earn. A most dissatisfied person would be the busiest one. Otherwise, a person who loves his work is not busy, he is meaningfully engaged. He is not dragging himself to do a hollow chore. Nor is he attached to the result of his work. And that’s why the source of his joy is not in a distant future, it is right now right here with him as he does the work he loves!

—This man is freed from servile bands

Of hope to rise or fear to fall:

Lord of himself, though not of lands,

And having nothing, yet hath all.

Excerpt from Character of a Happy Life by Sir Henry Wotton

Mindfulness can enable you to make conscious choices, choices free from prejudices, fear, or greed. So, with mindfulness, you don’t need to worry about getting something or reaching somewhere. You can find peace, joy, and fulfillmentin this very moment –stop worrying, Start Being.

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