What Is The Method Of Doing So Hum Mantra?

so hum mantra


At the subtle intervals of the soul, there is complete knowledge about oneself. She keeps announcing her position every moment so that her intellect does not get confused and forget her nature. We can clearly hear this declaration of the soul on paying a little attention. If continuous attention is given to that sound, then the nectar repository that makes that announcement can also be reached to the soul. So, here let’s know about So Hum Mantra.

What Is So Hum Mantra?

When one breathes, there is a subtle sound along with the entry of air, which has a word like ‘So’. The longer the breath stays inside, that is, the natural Kumbhak, the longer the halting sound of half ‘A’ and when the breath exits, the sound like ‘Hum’ comes out. By focusing on these three sounds, the ‘Soham’ practice of Ajpa-Jaap begins.

Method Of Meditate So Hum Mantra


Method Of Meditate So Hum Mantra:

In the morning, deal with a routine before sunrise and sit in a quiet place facing east. Include both hands and keep them in the dock, keep the eyes closed.

When the nostrils begin to enter the air, carefully observe the subtle aorta and observe that there is a subtle sound of ‘sleep’ along with the air.

Similarly, focus on the sound of ‘A’ as long as the breath stops and while exiting the air.

Also, imagine the meteoric spilling of the soul in the light point of the sun-cycle at the heart.

When the breath is going in and there is a sound of ‘sleep’, then feel that this bright point is the light of God.

‘S’ means God, ‘Ham’ means I. When the air comes out and there is the sound of ‘yes’, then feel in the same light-point that ‘this is me’.

The stop of ‘A’ symbolizes the holiday of change of spirit. In the beginning, the point on that heart chakra is considered as Brahma at the time of sound ‘So’ and in the same way, the ‘yes’ perception becomes a living spirit. A ‘holiday’ period has been kept to change this sentiment.

Similarly, when the air is finished, the air exits and the new air enters, at that time, it also gives a chance to remove the spirit and change the spirit in that sharp point. Both these holidays are similar to ‘A’, but their sound is not heard. The word ‘So’ is only of ‘Om’.

‘So’ is a reflection of Brahma, ‘7’ is the representative of nature, ‘Hu’ is the symbol of an organism. The integration of Brahma, Nature, and Jiva takes place in this Ajpa-Japa. The three Mahakaranas are gathered in Sohna Sadhana, due to which the golden opportunity of self-awakening starts to become available simultaneously.

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