What Is The Method Of Doing So Hum Mantra?

so hum mantra


In today’s stressful life, we are falling prey to many psycho-physical diseases at a very young age. Competition to move ahead of each other, stress, change in lifestyle, etc. are the reasons for this. In such a situation, it is necessary to pay attention to this from the very beginning.

Through the So Hum Mantra meditation, we can control our emotions and live a better life without stress. So Hum meditation is one of the best meditations out there.


What Is The Meaning Of So Hum Mantra?

When one breathes, there is a subtle sound along with the entry of air, which has a word like ‘So’. The longer the breath stays inside, that is, the natural Kumbhak, the longer the halting sound of half ‘A’; when the breath exits, the sound like ‘Hum’ comes out. By focusing on these three sounds, the ‘Soham’ practice of Ajpa-Jaap begins.

So Hum meaning is to pay attention to your breath to increase your inner energy flow. Everything in nature has a sound whether we can hear it or not. We may not be able to hear the sound of an earthquake and a tiny electron, but we all know that it exists. There is also a sound in our breath which is a form of the same cosmic sound.

When we concentrate on our breath, we feel that while we are breathing, there is a sound of Shooo, and when the air comes out, there is a sound of ‘Hum’. As the meditation gets deeper it starts to be heard clearly. You can use this mantra for the So Ham meditation technique.

Why Should One Practice This Mantra?

Well, So Hum or Om So Hum meditation are excellent beginner’s mantras.  This mantra is suitable for anyone new to functioning with repeated phrases. It is simple, and brief to remember, yet easy to utter, making it an excellent phrase for individuals of any language. There is no need to struggle with difficult pronunciations or Sanskrit spellings.

According to ancient yogic and Buddhist traditions, every single thought, when repeated, provides the potential to reveal the mysteries of the cosmos. Because this mantra translates to reiterating that you’re One with All That Is, it’s an excellent phrase to use while you work towards enlightenment.

Method Of Meditate So Hum Meditation:

Method Of Meditate So Hum Mantra


Although you can do this at any time, sunrise is the best time.

  • Sit in an open place at the time of sunrise. Make sure that the meditation space is calm.
  • If you are not able to sit in Padmasana, then sit on a chair and make a cross with your feet, keeping the fingers of your hands intertwined.
  • Make sure that you are sitting in a comfortable position and that your whole body, mind, and brain are relaxed, only then you will be able to focus on the breath.
  • Keep your spine straight. By this, the pelvis, lungs, and head come in a stair line and the breath remains uninterrupted and the mind remains in a more conscious and relaxed state.
  • Breathe in and focus on the sound of so s s.
  • Hold your breath for a while.
  • While exhaling, concentrate on the sound ‘Hum’.
  • So Hum means what you are, what we are… While breathing you can feel that with the breath some power is entering you and what is coming out is negativity

Benefits of So Hum:

So Hum meditation practice is beneficial for the mind, brain, and body. Let us know about its various benefits…

Spiritual Benefits

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Today’s life is stressful. So Hum meditation practice stops the mind and thoughts, due to which the tension reduces, anger starts coming down and the mind starts to remain calm. So, the Hum mantra symbolizes some power that you get with the practice of a few deep breaths daily.

Incredibly Relaxing

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One of the most calming approaches is So Hum meditation. As you practice, you will notice your mind and body slowing down and becoming more relaxed. And my students think it’s quite relaxing. Also, So Hum translates into universal energy and mental clarity.

Proper Blood Flow

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People who have problems with back or knee pain must have felt that when they do stress, the pain increases. The reason for the increase in pain is the stretching caused by tension in the muscles. With the So Hum meditation method, your mind becomes calm and relaxed. As a result, your high blood pressure gets cured.

Increased Concentration

Increased Concentration

When we are worried, we are too preoccupied with our thoughts to focus. Soham contributes in several ways to this.

To begin, the technique entails envisioning a circle of light surrounding us, which educates the mind to separate from distractions. Second, the Soham mantra soothes the mind, increasing our attention and concentration.

If you want to improve your concentration, check out my guide on concentration meditations.

Coordination Between Body And Mind

With the practice of So Hum, coordination is established between the mind and the body. While meditating, we relax the whole body due to which the muscles become tension free. To concentrate on the breath, the mind has to completely stop working.

To control the mind, it is necessary to establish a bridge between the body and the mind. This bridge is established by nerve cells. As we progress in meditation, the nervous system starts making better bridges. Due to this unity is established in mind and body.

Helps To Fight Against Obesity

Today people are troubled by obesity because they try to satisfy the hunger of the mind which never goes away whereas the meditator does not need much food. With regular breathing practice like this meditation, you can overcome the issue of getting fat easily.

Increased Ability To Focus

You must have seen that when a musician is making a tune, a writer is writing something, a painter is drawing a picture or a scientist is searching for a formula with full enthusiasm, then his focus is so much on his work that he doesn’t hear any sound from outside. In a way, he is in a state of meditation.

On the contrary, in So Hum meditation, we learn to concentrate on the breath and focus on some work. Whatever work a meditative person does, his focus will be focused on the work itself. He will easily solve the big and small knots of life in which common people get entangled through single-minded focus. A strong focus is also a formula for success.

Development  Of Mental Abilities

When a person meditates, the mind and body become united and focused, and he starts getting answers to his questions like who he is. Most of us consider the identity of our body as our identity.

All relations, people of acquaintance, etc. are the reason for our happiness and sorrow. We are not able to forget the wrong behavior done by others and keep on getting sad by wandering in the cycle of the same things again and again.

By knowing your true identity through meditation, all relationships seem like mere co-travelers. Their words start to seem unstable, thinking less of them. Apart from this, we can easily conclude by thinking deeply about a problem without getting emotional.

Cognitive Function Enhancement

So Hum Meditation aids in cognitive function improvement. You may increase your perception, memory, problem-solving abilities, creativity, and decision-making abilities by practicing this meditation. Your cognitive skills improve as you increase your concentration.


There is another variation of So Hum known as Hamsa meditation. The approach is the same, except we hear Hum during inhalation and So on during the exhalation when we perform Hamsa.

Both approaches are legal. Both are fantastic, calming practices for quieting your thoughts and relaxing your body. It will assist you in relaxing and letting go if you have been stressed. Try it out for 20 minutes and let me know how it goes. And, for the greatest results, schedule a private session with me.

You can also practice the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra for your meditation!

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