11 Best Meditation For Self Love And Confidence

meditation for self love


Nowadays everyone is under stress and everyone needs to take care because they feel that meditation gives them comfort from this stressful life. Through meditation, a person attains mental and emotional peace by focusing his mind on a particular object.

People from all over the world have been practicing meditation since ancient times. So, here I am giving some meditation for self-love. See this below…


Meditation For Self-Love:

Meditation For Self Love


Research says that meditation is more than a temporary way of relieving stress. It also improves mental as well as emotional health. Meditation treats a variety of symptoms and diseases such as high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia, stress, headache, heart disease, depression, pain, asthma, restlessness, and cancer.

Through meditation, you learn to live in that moment and get rid of the worries of the future and past. This allows you to focus your mind’s thoughts. It is a combination of concentration and awareness.

This meditation began with Buddhist teaching and study, and research has found that conscious attention can reduce negative feelings by improving relationship satisfaction, reducing anger, increasing concentration, and strengthening memory.

Spiritual gurus have developed meditations of many kinds of meditation. The way of doing meditation is not right or wrong, rather it is just one thing that is the most important and that is what suits your type of meditation. So, see the meditation for self-love.

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What Is Third Eye Meditation: How To Do It?

The third eye, which represents the enlightenment attained through meditation, is said to be situated in the center of the forehead, just above the joining of the eyebrows, in both Buddhism and Hinduism.

It is considered to be a meditation focusing on the third eye. For this, the person has to close himself and concentrate all his attention on the middle of his brow. While doing this meditation, a person starts experiencing complete peace outside and inside.

They have to concentrate in the middle of their forehead and search for that flame of light located in the middle of darkness which shows the path of a person’s soul to the divine.

When you do this meditation regularly, this light starts appearing in front of you, in the beginning, this light comes out of the darkness, then turns yellow, then turns blue to white, and takes you to the divine She comes. See how to do this meditation practice to improve low self-esteem and live the present moment to the fullest.

Step-By-Step Guide:

1) Keep your waist straight and chest broad.

2) Keep your head straight and keep your eyes closed.

3) Breathe in slowly and release and focus on your breathing.

4) Close your eyes and try to focus on the third eye, which is in the middle of your eyes, and keep your mind blank.

5) Count down count while focusing on the third eye

6) Slowly move away from the third eye of your eyes.

7) Stay relaxed but pay more attention to your breath.

8) Keep your breath in mind and release and slowly open your eyes.

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What Is Listening Meditation: How To Do It?

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In the same way that bodily feelings or the breath are employed as meditation tools, sound can also be used. We merely focus the mind in a relaxed, open manner on a heard sound—or even an imagined one.

This meditation is done by listening, there are very few people who walk this path of accomplishment and salvation. It is very difficult to listen because in it the possibilities of wandering the mind of the person are very high. This is one of the best types of meditation for self-love.

Step-By-Step Guide:

1) Sit in a quiet place.

2) Close your eyes.

3) Now listen to your inner voice, not external

4) At the beginning of this meditation, you hear these voices very slowly, and slowly, you can listen to your inner voice.

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What Is Pranayama Meditation: How To Do It?

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Please be aware that practicing pranayama is not the same as practicing meditation. Although they both include focus and breathing, pranayama is a practice that improves breathing abilities and our understanding of prana flow, whereas meditation is a technique that cultivates consciousness of our regular thought patterns.

A person performs this meditation through his breath, in which he has to take long and deep breaths and leave. Also, they must be alert and alert towards the breath coming and going in their body.

Pranayama meditation is considered to be a very simple meditation, but its results are as important as the rest of the meditation. This is one of the meditations for self-love.

Step-By-Step Guide:

1) Sit in a quiet and peaceful place.

2) Close your eyes.

3) Now breathe in and breathe out 15 times.

4) Breathing is the main thing of this meditation

5) Pay close attention to the breathing process.

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What Is Mantra Meditation: How To Do It?

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In this meditation, a person has to close his eyes and chant ॐ Mantra, and meditate on it. Because the sky is an element of our body, then this mantra is transmitted like the sky inside the person and purifies our mind.

As long as our mind keeps us tied, we can speak this sound but we cannot hear it, but when a clear resonance of this sound starts to be heard from inside you, then it should be understood that your mind has been cleared. Apart from the 7 mantras, you can also use the mantra So-4, Om Namah Shivaya, Ram, Yama, etc.

Step-By-Step Guide:

1) Sit in a quiet and peaceful place.

2) Close your eyes.

3) Chant Manta 108 times.

What Is Tantra Meditation: How To Do It?

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Clearing Difficult Emotions with Tantric Meditation – Tantric meditation is all about the science of transformation. You will employ breath, focus, imagery of energy flow and color, and meditation in this meditation to shift challenging sensations in the heart area.

In this, a person has to keep his mind confined and concentrate on his inner spirit. In this, the concentration of the person is most important. In this, a person closes his eyes and meditates on the sound emanating from his heart chakra. The person analyzes both pain and pleasure in it.

Step-By-Step Guide:

1) Sit in a quiet and peaceful place.

2) Close your eyes.

3) Chant Manta 108 times.

What Is Chakra Meditation: How To Do It?

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There are 7 chakras in a person’s body, to do this meditation means to meditate on those chakras. These chakras are also considered to be the center of energy of the body. To do this, one has to close the eyes and chant the mantras (Lama, Ram, Yama, Hum, etc.). Most of the meditation has to focus on the heart chakra.

The seven primary chakras in the human body can be opened through mantras and meditation. There are specific mantras and mudras for each chakra. To open the chakras, the proper mantras and mudras are required.

Step-By-Step Guide:

1) Sit in a quiet and peaceful place.

2) Close your eyes.

3) Chant Manta 108 times.

What Is Gazing Meditation: How To Do It?

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This meditation is done by opening the eyes with a pause. This means that you constantly meditate on a Vastu by keeping an eye. In this situation, a lot of thoughts, stresses, and fantasies come before your eyes. With the help of this meditation, you can see and understand your present intelligently.

Step-By-Step Guide:

1) Sit in a quiet and peaceful place.

2) Lit a candle and gaze at it.

What Is Kundalini Meditation: How To Do It?

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This meditation is considered to be one of the most difficult meditations. In this, a person has to awaken his Kundalini energy, which is located in the human spine. While doing this, the man slowly opens all the spiritual centers or doors of his body and one day attains salvation. There are some dangers in doing this meditation, so you need a proper teacher to do it.

Step-By-Step Guide:

1) Find place that is calm, distraction-free, and at comfortable temperature (not too hot or too cold)

2) Wear whatever looks and feels good to you

3) Choose when to Exercise

4) Sit cross-legged on the floor or in chair so that your weight is supported by your feet

5) The most important thing is to choose sitting position that allows you to maintain straight spine and is comfortable for you

6) Softly avert your gaze until they are roughly 90% closed

7) You will repeat mantra to help you concentrate as you breathe

8) Slow down your breathing by becoming aware of it

9) One round of breathing should last approximately seven to eight seconds

10) Pay attention to how your breath is circulating throughout your body as you practice chanting and deep breathing.

11) This will help you to unwind

12) Throughout the allotted mediation period, keep breathing in this pattern. (Use a timer to help you choose when to quit.)

13) Finish the meditation by taking a deep breath in, pressing your hands together, or raising your arms in the air, relaxing, and taking a deep breath out.

What Is Transcendental Meditation: How To Do It?

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This mantra is a special form of meditation and it is the most popular among meditation methods. Scientists have also told about the benefits of this meditation. This reduces the risk of blood pressure, stress, discomfort and heart disease, and the risk of stroke. It makes the mind fast by removing insomnia and enhancing memory.

Step-By-Step Guide:

1) To meditate one has to focus on a mantra or word.

2) A teacher sets the mantra based on the year in which the physician was born or the year in which the teacher was trained.

3) After this, the teacher asks people to choose their mantra and then chant it after closing their eyes for 15-20 minutes after two days.

What Is Concentration Meditation: How To Do It?

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In this meditation, you have to focus on any of the five senses such as breathing or walking, etc. This is the best meditation for self-love.

Step-By-Step Guide:

1) Take a deep breath and widen the abdomen, relax the shoulders and count to 6.

2) Exhale and repeat.

3) Now breathe normally and concentrate on breathing.

What Is Loving and Kindness Meditation: How To Do It?

This meditation is also known as Maitri Meditation which means kindness, generosity, and goodwill. Loving Kindness Meditation is done to breathe deeply and open the mind to gain love and purity.

The main factor to pay attention to is showing love and kindness to others. This is one of the meditations for self-love.

Step-By-Step Guide:

1) Sit down in meditation and close your eyes.

2) Imagine expressing love towards yourself and then slowly trying to feel the same toward others.


It’s really simple to become mired in self-doubt and negative ideas. A deeper truth—that we don’t feel deserving of love—often lies beneath those feelings of scarcity and uncertainty. We are taught by societal standards that we should constantly seek to improve. That translates to being healthier, happier, richer, wiser, etc. We are never made to feel like we are good enough the way we are.

Tragically, we can not even feel deserving of our love.

My yogic sensibility prompts me to stop what I’m doing, take a break, and breathe whenever my inner critic begins to convince me that I’ll never be happy or successful.

Sometimes I prefer to wallow and reach for the ice cream instead. However, the healing process always takes longer and the negative spiral persists.

I may re-establish a connection with my heart and remember that I am deserving of love, especially my own when I meditate on self-love.

The spectrum of daily human feeling can be difficult to master. I’ve discovered that I need to concentrate on loving myself the most during the times when I start to feel “not enough.”


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Q. Does meditation help with self-love?

A. According to research, mindfulness, and meditation are linked to higher levels of satisfaction and self-worth as well as decreased anxiety, all of which make it simpler to practice self-love. Additionally, it gets simpler to identify the unfavorable emotions and beliefs that frequently prevent us from appreciating ourselves.

Q. What is self-meditation?

A. Typically, it entails concentrating on your concentration to relax the mind. Many diverse forms of meditation frequently center on the breath. Maintaining your attention on your breathing helps to clear your mind of distractions, concerns, and restlessness.

Q. What is self-esteem meditation?

A. Self-compassion, mindfulness, resilience, and other traits that contribute to increased self-esteem can all be enhanced by meditation. We can alter our association with the feelings and thoughts that damage our self-esteem by practicing meditation every day.

Q. How do I start self-meditation?

A. Everyone can practice meditation; here’s how.
1) Sit down. Find a quiet, peaceful area where you may sit.
2) Establish a deadline.
3) Be aware of your body.
4) Notice your breathing.
5) Recognize when your thoughts have strayed.
6) Be patient with your straying thoughts.
7) End on a positive note.
I’m done now!

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