Meditation Symbols & Their Meanings

 meditation symbols


If you are wondering what are meditation symbols and what are they mean then you have come to the right place. As of today, I am going to discuss the symbols in meditation as well as their meanings in this article below:

What Is Meditation Symbols?

Meditation Symbols


Meditators use some visual images, words or mantras, or sensations and feelings (such as peace, love, compassion) at the time of the spiritual training as a focus of their meditation. These are called Yoga Meditation Symbols. These Meditation symbols have different meanings and different types of meditation symbols are useful for different types of meditation purposes.

Thousands of centuries of spiritual training short-listed a figure of sacred meditation symbols that affect the meditator’s soul in a superior way when the practice extracts all responsiveness from the external world, and thus focuses on the mantra, feeling, or an image i.e. Meditation Symbols. So, let’s now know the different types of meditation symbols and their meanings.

What Are The Different Types Of Meditation Symbols And Their Meanings? 

There are 7 different types of symbols for practicing meditation. So, let’s now know in details about the 7 symbols of meditation in this article below:

  1. Aum / Om Meditation Symbols and Meanings
  2. Mandala Meditation Symbols
  3. Lotus Flower Meditation Symbols
  4. Hamsa / Evil Eye Meditation Symbols
  5. Namaste Meditation Symbol/Namaste Symbol
  6. Chakras Meditation Symbols
  7. Buddha Meditation Symbols

Aum / Om Meditation Symbols & Meaning:

Aum / Om Meditation Symbols


Om / Aum is one of the most sacred and common symbols of meditation within diverse spiritual customs. The chanting of Om / Aum helps us to open the third eye and thus it connects to the divine and absolute force of this universe. This also permits us to alter into a more profound place inside and creates a vivid vision of the reality, which lies beyond our conditioned awareness.

The Om / Aum symbol is useful for opening or closing meditation class or yoga asana. An influential method is to expend an intact meditation intonation Om / Aum out loud then chant it mentally. The practice of this meditation will bring tranquility, bliss, and peace to you.


‘Om’, ‘Aum’ or ‘Ohm’ is a blessed sound, which is generally familiar to the world as the sound of this universe. Aum/Om is all encircling, the spirit of ultimate truth, and it also unites everything in this universe.

Mandala Meditation Symbols & Meaning:

Mandala Meditation Symbols


The exact meaning of the mandala symbol in the Sanskrit language is “Circle”, and it’s useful for representing the universe. It also represents the circle of our life as well as the patterns of nature.

In Meditation, the mandala signifies harmony and unity of our soul, body, and mind. A useful method is to hang or place a mandala in front of you & focus the eyes on the midpoint. This will definitely help you to draw yourself deeper into meditation and concentration.


The meaning of Mandala Symbols is “A circular figure representing the universe in Buddhist and Hindu symbolism”.

Lotus Flower Meditation Symbols & Meaning:

Lotus Flower Meditation Symbols


The customary symbol for meditation is habitually the water lily or lotus flower. Buddhists consider the Lotus petals to portray the opening of our hearts. The Lotus flower signifies our capability to come from the place of misery into the place of light, like the lotus flower, whose roots go in the mud-covered earth and then rise up from the water i.e. from the dark to the sunlight.

This prompts us that also we can rise up from several difficult situations and thus connect up to the light, which surrounds us. This symbol is one of the greatest ways for meditation as this increases the concentration.


The Lotus flower symbol signifies the symbol of enlightenment, purity, rebirth, and self-regeneration in many nations, especially in the Eastern religions.

Hamsa / Evil Eye Meditation Symbols & Meaning:

Hamsa / Evil Eye Meditation Symbols


The Evil Eye / Hamsa Meditation symbols are familiar to numerous traditions, together with Hinduism and yoga. The term “Hamsa” denotes the 5 fingers and thus the drawing of the right hand with an open palm represents this symbol. This symbol brings luck, protection, and strength.

Many individuals even chain it with the symbol of the Evil Eye to lessen the harmful effects. The evil eye signifies the threat of jealous as well as malevolent stares, which can be very harmful to your health, prosperity, and property. You can wear the Hamsa / Evil Eye symbols as a talisman or you can also hang it above the front door of your house.


Hamsa is a talismanic symbol, which protects individuals from harms against the malevolent forces of the Universe.

Namaste Meditation Symbol & Meaning:

Namaste Meditation symbol


Namaste is usually used to greet practitioners to the course and thus conclude the practice. The Namaste symbol meaning represents salutation in the prehistoric Sanskrit, which is still used in Nepal and India. It symbol literally explains the divine spirit within us that greets and recognizes the divine spirit within you. You can also buy the Namaste wall sticker from here


The sign Namaste denotes the belief that there’s a Divine inspiration within us that are situated in our heart chakra. This gesture is basically an acknowledgment of our soul.

Chakras Meditation Symbols & Meaning:

Chakras Meditation Symbols


In our body, there is a total of 7 Chakras or wheels. Each of them has its individual meaning, responsibility, and significance for different mental, physical, spiritual and emotional aspects. When a person explores the route of the enlightenment, then the individual must balance those 7 chakras to achieve peace and harmony in their life.


The “Chakras” literally means “wheels”. But, in meditation, chakras are the cores of our aura or the energetic body. Even simply concentrating on our chakra position as well as imagining its color helps us to activate and clear it.

Buddha meditation Symbols & Meaning:

Buddha meditation Symbols


Buddha was a prince who left an extravagant lifestyle just to find out the root of suffering of human and thus he discovered the true implication of life. He is publicized in many poses that include meditation, bliss, protection, touching, and healing the globe.

It’s advised to take a second at the commencement of the meditation to visualize you as Buddha with his qualities such as compassionate, enlightened and open mind.


The symbol “Buddha” basically means the “Awakened one” as well as it signifies the founder of the Buddhism, who was compassionate, enlightened and open.

Those individuals who practice meditation on a daily basis will feel the advantages of understanding the spiritual significance and meaning of these symbols to practice Meditation.

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