What Is Kundalini Meditation & How Does It Work?

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The Kundalini is a divine power, which is located in the Muladhara Chakra. As long as it stays below this, the person continues to run toward worldly subjects. But when it is awake with the practice of Kundalini Meditation, it seems that there is a spiral wave that is rising and running. This is a very divine experience.

There are seven chakras in our bodies. One end of the Kundalini is on the coccygeal circle and the other end is wrapped around the spinal cord when it moves towards the top, then its purpose is to reach the seventh chakra. But if the person leaves restraint and meditation, then the end speed of doing so can stop on any cycle.

The awakening of the Kundalini means carrying out the Kundalini Goals within them. There is a big risk in Kundalini Meditation if you practice it without purity. So practice the Kundalini Meditation with purity.


What Is Kundalini?

What Is Kundalini consciousness


The Kundalini in the center of the Earth can call the lives of Pranabdhari the center of power. This is actually the seed of the Sun Kundalini. It is said that whatever is in the world, whatever is present in the body as a seed, the sun is sitting in the body in the form of Kundalini.

When you practice Kundalini Meditation, which is a type of Hindu Meditation then the power of the person becomes as powerful as the Sun, omnipresent, and then it becomes difficult to control that power. A weak mind and body can’t hold that power.

The god of Gayatri is “Savita” and the representative power of Kundalini is also the sun, therefore, the direct impact of Gayatri worship is done through the spinal cord, only in this anal region. The prana flowing from above comes first and then it remains accumulated throughout the body. The more the process develops, the more the power of the soul increases.

What Is Kundalini Yoga And Meditation?

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Kundalini Meditation is the most powerful and most difficult meditation that was discovered by our ancestors. This Kundalini Meditation is meditation, which is a very powerful and effective spiritual practice. Kundalini is said to awaken your inner strengths. This Kundalini is the last step of man’s powers. With the careful practice of Kundalini Meditation man acquires superhuman powers.

In this verse, man is at the last stop of his powers. Then he becomes a great man. Kundalini meditation has also been certified by scientists. Kundalini starts from our spinal cord and goes up to us and its structure is like a coiled snake Kundalini. Hence it is known as Kundalini Meditation.

The Technique of Kundalini Meditation:

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  • To awaken the Kundalini, it is necessary to use whole Yoga meditation.
  • Before the Kundalini meditation, you should take a bath
  • After bathing, choose a quiet and clean place
  • Now practice pranayama firstly
  • After doing pranayama, you can use any meditation practice by sitting in Padmasana or any other asana that you feel comfortable in
  • After meditation, you can do asana


Keep in mind that awakening the Kundalini is not a simple task. Everything has to be meditated in it. Our daily routine needs to be corrected and most importantly, we have to follow illusions.

Rules For Kundalini Meditation:

To awaken the Kundalini, you have to follow all the rules given below with discipline:

  • You will have to chant the mantra regularly, for that you can choose the Gayatri Mantra
  • Always keep positive thoughts away from negativity, and place your mind on it
  • Keep yourself away from frozen food and stay away from smoking
  • Give your life a goal
  • Regularly practice pranayama, meditation, and Asanas
  • Always keep good thoughts in your mind
  • Have compassion for others
  • Do not condemn others

Symptoms of Kundalini Awakening With Kundalini Energy:

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There are four steps of 15 minutes duration in this Kundalini meditation for one hour. You can keep your eyes open in the first and second stages. But in the third and fourth phases, close your eyes. Morning or evening is the most suitable time for Kundalini Yoga Meditation.

Kundalini’s power of the seeker awakens the proper procedure of this Kundalini yoga meditation. Here are the steps to do Kundalini Meditation for beginners:

First Stage:

Leave the physical body completely loose to meditate. The experience is that energy is rising from the feet and moving upwards in the early stages.

Second Stage:

Move on to the rhythm of the music – just let the power move – and don’t move the body for the practice of meditation. Keep yourself calm and focus on one thing

Third Stage:

Sit down with legs crossed or stand, but straight and quiet

Fourth Stage:

Lie down and stay calm to practice kundalini meditation

When the Kundalini yoga becomes awakened, energy increases in our body. Because of this, you will experience heat in the body

Once Kundalini awakens, the man starts attaining himself as a great human being

At the time of Kundalini practice awakening, the practitioner starts to get itching in the mandatory cycle and the black color starts changing to the blue color

Supernatural powers begin to develop in the awakened horoscope

When the Kundalini becomes awakened, the signs or powers are attained. They can only be felt.

Benefits of Kundalini Yoga Meditation

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Strengthens Nervous System

The normal act of Kundalini yoga fortifies your sensory system if you perform consistent practice. So when you’re in down canine or board present for three entire minutes and your whole body is shaking, have no dread! Your sensory system will get strength depending on the meditation length.

Furthermore, the more grounded your nerves are, the more you will want to act in a cool, quiet, and gathered matter even with any circumstance, be it a fender bender, an enormous show, or family dramatization. That is nowadays the Western world is embracing the Indian ancient belief system and practicing these meditations.

Increase Brain Power

The act of Kundalini yoga gets the fogginess free from the psyche. At the point when the psyche gets blurred with a few considerations, it seems similar to interlacing contemplation have shaped and is hard to unwind and with a couple of moments of the quick breath of fire or one-minute breath, the brain gets clear, we feel more alarm, engaged, concentrated, with better memory and the ability to settle on steady choices. Moreover, when you inhale deeply during your meditation practice, you bring greater awareness, get rid of perceived stress, etc.

Stirs Inner Willpower

It stirs your inward self-discipline directly at the center of your sun-powered plexus (Third Chakra) at the navel point. This means you assemble a solid warmth around here, which helps in processing food as well as past recollections and self-questions.

Others Benefits

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  • Kundalini Meditation helps digestion and glands, gradually increases blood circulation, and lymph nervous system works well
  • Regular ancient dedicated practice helps you to get rid of generalized anxiety disorder by awakening your energy centers
  • Makes the base of the spine stronger than ever with this deep inhale-exhale practice
  • This yoga has a direct effect on the gland system and the entire body, which removes stress from the brain and increases the ability to see
  • It strengthens the senses, increasing the ability to smell, see, feel, and taste
  • Regular practice brings consciousness, and awareness, to practitioners’ daily life
  • This yoga enhances self-confidence and gives peace to the mind, reduces stress, and increases treatment efficacy.
  • Kundalini masters transform negative energy into positive energy, resulting in positive thoughts and emotions, and anger gets less
  • Kundalini Yoga strengthens the immune system, making the body increase its ability to fight against many diseases
  • Kundalini Yoga’s randomized controlled trial is in mild cognitive impairment which provides you with better physical activity, overall well-being, stay focused, help handle stress, and many other potential benefits.


Kundalini meditation is important for Kundalini yoga and is intended to move energy flow through the body. It depends on the idea that energy at the foundation of the spine (otherwise called the root chakra) should be delivered through the seven chakras of the body and afterward out through the crown chakra over the head.

In case you’re keen on figuring out how to rehearse Kundalini meditation, recollect it’s fine to begin little—and consolidating intervention into your everyday life can be hard. From the outset, even only two minutes of meditation may feel like a battle. Be that as it may, don’t surrender. Calming your brain takes practice, and surprisingly only a couple of minutes can have a positive effect.

make sure you sit in a cross-legged position while practicing this technique. Also, use a wool or cotton blanket to sit on it. Do not forget to wear loose clothing and head covering. Also, do not take quick breaths, actively listen to your yoga master.

If you feel dizzy, then do not forget to inform your yoga teacher.


Q. Why is kundalini dangerous?

A. Besides some benefits of kundalini meditation, it is dangerous to some extent. The body won’t be sufficiently able to manage the elevated energy streams and vibes that are an outcome of kundalini meditation practice, consequently making irregular characteristics and threats to the person.

Q. What is the purpose of Kundalini meditation?

A. The reason for existing is to advance otherworldly illumination. There are a few science-sponsored advantages of Kundalini yoga. As indicated by research, it might assist with facilitating pressure and nervousness, work on psychological working, and lift self-insight and self-appreciation.

Q. When should I do Kundalini meditation practice?

A. Very much like scrubbing down every day purges your actual body, yogis see Kundalini meditation as an approach to purifying your psyche. It’s a technique to restore following a distressing day, oversee pressure right now, and additionally check sleepiness.

Q. What are the signs of Kundalini awakening?

A. On the off chance that your Kundalini is currently arousing, you may likewise encounter some actual manifestations, for example, awakening aimlessly hours into the evening, perspiring a ton, crying, or in any event, detecting an extreme surge of energy going through your spine.

Q. What Is Kundalini Meditation?

A. The reason for Kundalini meditation is the conviction that everybody has amazingly incredible curled energy (Kundalini signifies ‘coiled snake’ in Sanskrit) at the foundation of the spine.

Through breathwork and meditation, it’s ideal that you can uncoil this energy, which will assist with lessening pressure and opening your maximum capacity. Kundalini means “coiled snake” in Sanskrit

Q. How do you awaken Kundalini by meditation?

A. There are a few steps of 15 minutes duration in this Kundalini meditation for 1 hour to awaken Kundalini. In this, you better sit in the prayer pose or Gyan mudra or any other pose that you are comfortable with. So, sit comfortably, maintain a straight spine, inhale, and exhale with a deep breath.

Q. How do I know if my Kundalini is rising?

A. When the Kundalini becomes awakened, the signs or powers are attained. Many practitioners said that they can only be felt.

Q. What are the stages of kundalini meditation awakening?

A. Once Kundalini awakens, the man starts attaining himself as a great human being. For this, you need to follow 4 stages. Know 4 stages of kundalini

Q. What are the benefits of the Kundalini awakening?

A. It transforms negative energy into positive energy, resulting in positive thoughts, makes the base of the spine straight, brings creative energy, emotions, etc.

Q. What to expect from a Kundalini Class?

A. As soon as attending a Kundalini class, expect pranayama or breathing exercises, spine stretches (a sequence of breathing exercises, postures, hand positions(mudras), and singing or sounds) relaxation led by your class instructor. This mild cognitive impairment helps the practitioner with mental health, increases primal energy, and improves physical movements, emotional balance, and life energy, along with another longitudinal and immediate effect.

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