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Primordial Sound Meditation is a silent mantra-based meditation process. It helps one to enter deeper stages of awareness far away from your intellectual brain. The process of selection of the mantra is unique to Primordial Sound Meditations. It’s assigned individually based on the date, time, and location of your birth.

There is a wide range of approaches to meditation. At the Chopra, we offer guidance in Primordial Sound Meditation, an incredible meditation procedure established in the Vedic practice of India. Chopra Center fellow benefactors Deepak Chopra and David Simon have resuscitated this old act of sound meditation and made it anything but a configuration that is not difficult to learn.

At the point when you learn Primordial Sound Meditations, you will get an individual mantra. A mantra is a particular sound or vibration—which when rehashed quietly—assists you with entering further degrees of mindfulness. A Sanskrit expression that deciphers as “vehicle of the brain,” a mantra genuinely is a vehicle that brings you into calmer, more quiet levels of the psyche.

The mantra you will get is the vibration the universe was making at that point and the spot of your introduction to the world, and it is determined after Vedic mathematic equations.

At the point when you quietly rehash your mantra in meditation, it makes a vibration that assists you with slipping into the space between your musings, into the total quietness that is once in a while alluded to as “the hole.”

Your brain is presently not up to speed in its loud inner babble and is rather presented to its own most profound nature: unadulterated mindfulness. So, let’s now know in detail about the meditation by Deepak Chopra.


What is Primordial Sounds Meditation?


Primordial Sound Meditation is a powerful practice of moving into the silence and stillness within. Primordial Sound Meditation originates from the yogic practice of Indian yogis, which emphasizes attaining a heavenly union of body, spirit, and mind.

The Primordial Sound Meditation mantra is a typical form of silent personal mantra meditation. This name is different, but this meditation technique came from the primordial Vedic backgrounds and thus has been tried & tested for more than thousands of years now. By practicing the Primordial Sound Meditation we can get in touch with the divine aspect of our existence.

When we noiselessly repeat our Primordial Sound Meditation mantra or the Primordial Sounds, it benefits us to take our awareness from the activity to the field of complete silence. Being soundless our mind gains the right to enter the power, which is the foundation of all that exists in the creation. When resuming the activity you will experience increased harmony, clarity, and energy.

Primordial Sound Meditation is the practice that includes meditating noiselessly with a custom-made mantra that signifies the sound of this universe at the exact place (both longitude & latitude) as well as the moment of your birth.


So, the Primordial Sound mantra structure is “OM” + “a personalized bija (Seed) mantra” (on the basis of Vedic calculations) added with Mantra “Namah” in the Seed Mantra.

Why Should You Meditate?

Meditation is by no means the cure for all problems. But I think it’s a powerful tool. The purpose of meditation is to help you see your inner problems. It won’t eliminate them.

A few years ago, one of the most frustrating moments of my participation in Zen was how many experienced practitioners I met convinced themselves that meditation had removed all their psychological and emotional problems when this was not the case at all.

Yes, she helped them see and realize their problems. But to overcome them, we still need to go out into the world and act. Sitting in a room and staring at a wall all day is unlikely to do that.

There is also a spiritual aspect to meditation practice, for those of you who are interested. I usually avoid the topic of spirituality in this blog. I believe that spirituality is something lived and experienced, not discussed or taught. In my opinion, spirituality, by its definition, cannot be discussed. It is possible to describe only the received experience of spirituality. Spirituality itself is transrational. It’s like trying to count to infinity. Words can only capture a part but never fill the whole.

One such way to experience spirituality is through meditation. I can’t describe my spiritual experience in words. But if you ever had a moment in your life when your sense of self – your sense of identity – completely dissolved and there were no more differences between you, the sky, the water, the people around, everything…

If you ever looked at the stars for so long, who started laughing at the realization of how beautiful the mere fact that we just exist …

If you suddenly realized that your fears and worries are illusions created by your ego and mind and that all good and bad were just separate expressions of the same great unity and that you never needed to be afraid, you – your fears, your flaws, your defeats, everything about you – it was another perfect expression of the same reality … Then yes, meditation can help you bring it back state back.

What Are The Primordial Sound Mantra Meditations?


The Primordial Sounds are Pre-linguistic i.e. before language sounds that are very elementary to nature. So, these sounds are the vibrations of nature. In case you gaze at the trees, stars, or anything else, those are made up of reprocessed elements such as space, fire, air, earth, and water. Our brain is also the same.

It reduces everything to its crucial state and thus everything you have is the vibration. These vibrations are called Primordial Sounds. The primordial Sound Meditation mantra is sounds that take us to our awareness silently, to a more subtle stage. The word “Personal Mantra” actually means an instrument or vehicle of our mind. It is an alternative to Transcendental Meditation.

So, any sound that influences physiology is called a personal mantra. Mantras are merely a vehicle to take us on our spiritual voyage.

Primordial sounds were cognized a large number of years prior by Sages, or Rishis, and when they were recorded it was in connection to the moon. The moon has no specific essentialness in PSM, it just empowers the reference point for the account of the sounds. Vedic arithmetic is utilized to work out the position/sound or vibration for every individual.

Therefore, mantras are a very vital aspect of Primordial Sound Meditation like transcendental meditation. The seed Mantra used in Primordial Sound Meditation is precisely considered a vehicle to take us to our awareness. They’ve got a very calming influence on physiology.


Specific mantras are selected from about 100 (hundred) seed mantra as per the location of the moon during an individual’s birth and when we use those mantras in our meditation, they become personalized.

Benefits Of Primordial Sound Meditation:

inner silence ancient practice om beej


Many types of research show that a steady meditation practice provides various health benefits. The practice of meditating for at least 30 minutes offers more mental rest as compared to a whole night’s sound sleep. When you meditate regularly, you’ll notice an improved sense of comfort and greater creativity and energy. Practicing the Primordial Sound Meditation regularly can help you to:

Manages Stress & Reduces Anxiety

Meditate on mantras regularly to reduce anxiety and make your stress hormone levels fall
with the help of properly guided primordial sound meditation. Get your mantra based on your birth date and time by utilizing a Vedic astrology system to bring inner calm. This can be om in Namah, the seed mantra, or anything else.

Develop imagination & the ability to visualize

This is due, again, to the balanced work of different areas of the brain. It is generally accepted that people with an analytical and logical mindset are dominated by the left hemisphere, while creative natures are dominated by the right.

Heal the body from within

Some studies have shown that people who meditate for at least 15 minutes a day have increased tone in the vagus nerve that connects the heart and brain. Along with this, the level of cortisol, the stress hormone, decreases in the body which brings physical relaxation. These two phenomena together lead to a reduced risk of stroke and heart attack. In addition, Eastern practices lower blood sugar levels, which is useful for diabetics, strengthens immunity, and slows down the aging process in the body.

Creates Inner Peace & Improves Your Relationships

Daily practice of such meditations at a particular time helps practitioners to create inner peace. So try to practice meditation daily.

A truly amazing motivation to meditate for a decent relationship is its effect on your viewpoint. By assisting you with managing your feelings, meditation can help you keep an inspirational outlook. You stay appreciative and appreciation, thus, is an incredible indicator of long-haul love.

Helps to feel better

Meditation is not the aimless contemplation of an abstract point in space. During practice, attention should be directed inward to yourself. And those people who devote enough time to studying their nature begin to better understand and feel others.

Awakens Your Intuition

Genuine instinct is tied in with taking advantage of the experimentally demonstrated quantum field inside every living being, including you. This must be finished by getting to your psyche mind consistently. Meditation is the absolute best device to get to your inner mind and stir your super-amazing, yet lethargic instinct.

Blood Pressure Decreases

Scientific research reveals that Meditation procedures seem to create little yet significant decreases in pulse. Supernatural meditation and care-based pressure decrease may deliver clinically huge decreases in systolic and diastolic pulse. Ancient Vedic system and meditation provides you with an alert yet quiet mind.

Relieve acute pain

Since practices affect brain processes and mental states, they teach you to independently generate positive emotions, as well as get rid of or weaken negative ones. Surprisingly, when people with chronic pain were introduced to the skills of meditation, they learned to tolerate unpleasant sensations more calmly or even noted a decrease in their severity.

Enhances Sleep Patterns

Meditation may help you rest better. As an unwinding strategy, it can calm the psyche and body while upgrading internal harmony. When done before sleep time, meditation may assist with decreasing a sleeping disorder and rest inconveniences by advancing by and large tranquility.

Others Benefits

  • Opens your mind, thus eliminating the tendency to be judgmental
  • Lowering the blood pressure (BP)
  • Releasing fatigue and stress
  • Boosts energy
  • And strengthening our immune system
  • Creates a Durable Connection With The Spiritual Energy


You will get the healing mantra from Deepak Chopra Center which corresponds to your place, date, and time of birth. Regular meditation practice will help change your life for the better: improve your health, understand your true nature, find inner peace, and get closer to fulfilling your desires.

Primordial Sound Meditation isn’t tied in with constraining your psyche to hush up, it’s tied in with encountering the quietness that is as of now there and making it a piece of your life. Quietness is the origin of bliss, inventiveness, and limitless conceivable outcomes.

From this field of unadulterated probability, we get our explosions of motivation, our most natural musings, and our most profound feeling of association with the Universe. Rehearsing meditation consistently permits you to mesh quiet and quietness into your brain and body to make the existence of more prominent empathy and satisfaction.

In any event, when your brain is loaded up with upset musings, you approach the inward quietness and quiet that consistently lies underneath the uneven surface of thought and feeling.


Q. Is Om the most powerful mantra?

A. Meditation mantras are sounds that take us to our awareness silently, to a more subtle stage. OM is one such mantra to get pure awareness with daily meditation practice. Without the thought of distractions, you can become aware of your own deepest nature.

Q. Which mantra is good for success?

A. The word “Mantra” actually means an instrument or vehicle of our mind. There are several mantras to practice meditation. However, there is no specific sound that is traditionally considered the best mantra. So, you need to follow a meditation expert to get your personalized mantra and practice the meditation accordingly.

Q. How do you meditate on a mantra?

A. In Primordial Sound Meditations you have to meditate noiselessly. So meditate a mantra repeatedly but noiselessly.

Q. How do you chant Om silently?

A. Primordial Sound Meditations are the practice that includes meditating noiselessly with a custom-made mantra that signifies the sound.

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