5 Benefits Of Mantra For Good Health Of Child

Mantra For Good Health Of Child

Mantras are infallible and are quick to yield results. Every spore present in the mantra awakens the veins of the body, due to which blood circulation in the body keeps moving properly. The pronunciation of “Mantra” in a lyrical manner has a positive effect on the heart and lungs and their disorders are destroyed.

Early morning is considered best for chanting because at that time the whole atmosphere is peaceful, and there is no uproar. Nighttime is very effective for some specific practices. So, let’s now know how a mantra for the child’s health of can be effective.


What Is a Mantra?

A mantra is a word, phrase, or syllable that is repeatedly uttered during meditation practice. A child protection mantra can be chanted, spoken, repeated, or whispered in the mind silently to bring positive energy.

Maximum mantra meditation methods have two vital components: mantra chanting or recitation and mindfulness meditation with proper breathing exercises.

While this deep-rooted practice is known to have Buddhist and Hindu roots, types of “consecrated word” recitation exist inside an incredible assortment of otherworldly conventions, including Judeo-Christian and Shamanic. If you practice the mantra regularly, you can get rid of negative energy from your life.

These days, mantra practice is likewise picking up fame as a major aspect of non-common care practice. Even little kids practice the mantra for the good health of children nowadays. Not only the Hindu religion but also other religions are practicing mantras to have good qualities in life.

What Are The Mantras A Child Can Perform?

On the off chance that your kid is experiencing well-being-related issues and you need to ensure him with everything that is in you, here is some mantra for the good health of your child that can truly help on the off chance that you serenade them completely with your protective vitality:

The OM Mantra for the Good Health of Child

The most remarkable mantra is the OM Mantra. The excellence of this mantra is that it can without much of a stretch be recited by your child as it were. The effect of this mantra is foremost, and subsequently, it keeps up the good development of your child. This mantra must be chanted at least 101 times and as soon as you’re done, you should apply Tilak on the child’s forehead.

Shiva Mantra for the good health of the Child

This mantra has six sounds (om, no, ma, Shi, VA, ya) that speak to the five components water, earth, fire, air, and space. All these five sounds subsequently actuate five diverse chakras in our body while the 6th Ajna chakra is enacted by OM. Serenade this mantra consistently and appeal to Lord Shiva for the prosperity of your child.

Any age group of people can meditate using this mantra. Chant the mantra as a prayer to lord SHIVA. This way, God Shiva will protect your child, give endless happiness on the earth, and provide sound well-being.

Brihaspati Mantra for Good Health of Child

At the point when you serenade this mantra, you are going to Brihaspati God, who is supposed to be the God of Thursdays. On the off chance that you can recite this mantra multiple times explicitly on Thursdays, it would carry positive vitality and recuperating forces to your children and get them far from minor diseases by battling with negative energies.

A child can practice this mantra with a father or mother or parents together. With such an act, you can ask for blessings from the almighty. If a person prays daily with a calm mind, he will surely get freedom, confidence, and a stress-free life.

Benefits Of Mantra:

Chanting Mantras completely moves the reasoning operation of the brain. The other benefits of Mantra for the good health of the child are as follows

Boost Your Child’s Immunity

Certain mantras put the focus on your child’s tongue, vocal strings, lips, and other associated organs. The vibration likewise invigorates the nerve center organ, which directs the emission of hormones and improves insusceptibility.

Improve Concentration and Memory

Studies have indicated that reciting shlokas assists in improving fixation and memory power in children. That is because shlokas transmit vibrations that actuate the chakras (on the face and head) that assume a job in learning and core interest.

Keep the Respiratory System Healthy

At the point when children serenade shlokas, their breathing eases back down. They’re ready to take full breaths and hold them for a couple of moments. This directs the working of the lungs and keeps the heart healthy.

Diminish Stress

Reciting shlokas additionally lessens pressure and improves the segments of the cerebrum that build up the qualities of persistence and sympathy.

Help to Align the Chakras

Every one of us has seven chakras, which are liable for our health and prosperity. On the off chance that they’re out of harmony, we will in general fall wiped out more often. Reciting shlokas can assist with adjusting your child’s chakras and keep him from diseases.


If you chant regularly along with your kids, your kids will get a better life in the future. This is because the power of prayer is endless. So, from now on, teach your kids to chant holy sounds to start their day!


Q. Which mantra is good for children?

A. The foremost mantra is the “Gayatri Mahamantra”. The second mantra is the “Mahamrityunjaya Mantra”. These two mantras’ divine power will protect the children and increase their self-confidence as well as morale in their lives.

Thus, they’ll be filled with some good qualities, happiness, and protection and won’t lose even in case they fail in life.

Although humans lose energy when they fail, with these mantras, your child will learn how to be strong like adults. Meditating with these mantras with be useful for all ages of people.

Q. Which mantra is powerful for health recovery?

A. “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaaya” is one of the most powerful mantras for health recovery. If you pray for good health after your meditation practice with this mantra, you and your kid will get all you prayed for.

Q. Why Is mantra important for kids?

A. A Mantra has naturally soothing effects on kids’ minds and helps them develop concentration. That is while in Hinduism, it is a ritual to teach kids to chant the lord’s name to seek protection and energy.

In India, kids generally recite with their parents to pray to the lord to remove negative energy and bring positive energy into life.

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