Guide To Basic Morning Meditation Techniques

Morning Meditation


Starting your day with morning meditation is a good way. Meditation in the morning can help one to energize, as well as help to send a purpose for the whole day. It may also help one to find inner peace even on a very stressful or busy day. If you are stressed with keeping up your meditation routine, taking the right time when you wake up makes constructing the habit easier.

In case you are fresher to Meditation or on the other hand experience serious difficulties remaining concentrated on your breathing. Then these free morning meditations can enable you to assemble a meditation propensity and keep your contemplations concentrated on your breath. Discover increasingly about beginning meditation in the morning.


The Guided Morning Meditation

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On the off chance that you have never contemplated or if you haven’t ruminated in quite a while, I suggest that you begin with 5-10 minutes of Meditation.

With training, you’ll have the option to sit for longer timeframes. Follow these guided yet simple stages to initiate your Morning Meditation practice:

Discover a Comfortable Place:

Pick a spot that will be your consecrated space for Morning Meditation practice. Try to choose a place that is free from a great deal of diversion or commotion, and make yourself comfortable in that place. You can contain loosening up ambient sounds, light, flame, and diffuse, or incense a loosening up the essential oil.

Pick a Time:

Set a certain time to practice Meditation every day. If you can practice meditation consistently then it will encourage your spirit in a great way. A few people like to think directly before they hit the sack, this will permit you to rest.

Wear Comfortable Garments:

Wearing comfortable garments while practicing meditation help you to concentrate. For example, if you wear some tight fit garment during your meditation you may feel suffocated and thus you will not be able to concentrate on your meditation process.

Sit Comfortably on a Meditation Chair or Floor:

You may sit on a pad or a meditation chair or maybe on the floor, wherever you feel comfortable. Keep the back erect. You do not have to try excessive yogi postures at the beginning. Simply sit straight and still to practice the meditation.

Set A Clock:

Continuously initiate your meditation practice with 5 – 7 long yet moderate full breaths so that you can initiate discharging pressure. And setting a clock will help you to maintain a certain time frame.

With the help of the alarm, you will stay concentrated on your meditation and do not have to worry about the time you need to finish your practice.

Concentrate On An Object:

Simply start concentrating your mind on an item. It could be the fire or light, rehashing mantras, or your breathing.

Science of Behind Meditation

A study conducted by Harvard Medical School concludes that the brain that meditates has greater memory retention. Some scientists also suggest that certain meditation techniques result in increased gray matter in the hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for memory and learning.

Interestingly, mediation can also serve as a pain reliever. A Wake Forest Baptist University research claims that unlike morphine and other medical drugs, which reduce pain by less than 25%, a meditative mind can block pain levels by 40% and related sensations by about 60%.

Stress reduction is one of the most well-known reasons people adopt the practice of meditation. It consequently also helps with anxiety issues. People with psychological distress, mood swings, or dissatisfaction often practice different types of meditation to control their minds and change their outlook on life. Obviously, meditation compliments mental health well.

Importance of Meditation In The Morning

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When we start our day with meditation, we give ourselves the best chance to be fully aware, fully wakeful, and alive before doing anything. By doing regular morning practice, we continue to strengthen the foundation of peace of mind and happy relationships.

This brings seriousness and generosity within us. Due to this, we become kind as well as we make decisions thoughtfully for ourselves and others. Presently due to the rush, a little stress and pressure have come into our life.

People assume that this kind of stress is an unavoidable part of life, but meditation enables us to manage our lives and we manage to do our jobs more efficiently.

True peace of mind will always be there, but we must first let go of everything that spoils such peace and clarity. Like – our confusion, our spirituality, our hopes, and the evils within us.

When you achieve peace of mind and body with meditation, your outlook changes and you can start feeling more positive about yourself and your day.

Few Meditations To Practice In The Morning:

Few Meditations To Practice In The Morning


Every Meditation practice initiates with discovering what works best for you. Keep in mind that there is no wrong or right way to practice meditation since there’re different styles or techniques of meditation. So, here see a few styles or techniques of Meditation:

Mindfulness Meditation in the Morning:

Mindfulness Meditation is about being aware of what is going on in the present time, together with what is passing and arising.

This may include sounds, thoughts, and feelings in your body as well as anything else extant. The idea of such meditation is just to observe without any judgment, and thus remain aware and open.

Transcendental Meditation (TM)

Transcendental meditation is a well-known form of meditation and is a subject of inquiry for many. It takes a more structured and rather serious approach to meditation. This is a more adapted type of mantra meditation. Each practitioner has his or her own ‘mantra’ or a set of words and durations when practicing this type of meditation technique.

Breathing Meditation in the Morning:

You can practice breathing meditation in the morning. This technique single-handedly can bring calm to your mind and thus reduce your distractions.

For breathing meditation simply focus or pay attention to your breathing process and nothing else. Completely focus on your inhale and exhale process to practice breathing meditation.

Mantra Meditation in the Morning:

Mantra meditation means concentrating on the Mantras that you chant during the practice of your meditation.

Repeating mantras helps you to find inner peace and also helps you to focus on your meditation process.

Mercy Meditation

Kindness meditation is a type of meditation for all. Known for its power to strengthen feelings of compassion, acceptance, as well as positivity, this type of meditation technique, is all about getting your mind to accept love and kindness from others and send similar vibrations and good wishes.

You know or are around you, whether they are human or not. This works well for people who want to deal with feelings of anger and resentment.

Spiritual Meditation

In spiritual meditation, you meditate on your Lord. People adopt essential oils of cedar, sandalwood, or sage to enhance their spiritual experience. It is about praying or talking to God in silence. It can be practiced at home or any place of worship.

Walking Meditation in the Morning:

A 10-minute walking meditation involves 1 minute of repaying attention to the feelings of the body while you are walking.

This feeling of the breath, your sensations of wind or air on the skin, as well as what you can hear & what you can see. Concentrate on these things while practicing walking meditation.

So, meditating is similar to the morning walk just after waking up from deep sleep. But in this case, you have to concentrate on the things around you and forget all the other things like stress, anxiety, etc.

Focused Attention Meditation

The technique of Focused Attention Meditation has a clear intention. A popular sub-type is object meditation, where you have to focus on a “point” for a certain period of time, usually 10-15 minutes. This ‘point’ can be any spot on the surface or an object like a candle or a pencil.

This exercise can help with memory and learning skills needed in reading, reading, or sports activities. You can practice this before sleeping as it helps in calming the mental activity of the brain. This type of meditation induces focused relaxation in the human mind.

Breath Meditation

For some people, meditation can be a ‘cheat’ to get ahead in life. This technique, when practiced consistently, leads to a greater sense of self-control. All you have to do is close your eyes and focus on your breath.

That is the essence of this simple technique. Think about letting the tension out, and you may feel better with every breath. Remember to choose a place where you can sit with a straight back and minimize distractions.

If you need some music, opt for some neutral beats or light instrumental music. Avoid loud or vocal music. If you are a beginner then don’t make your meditation more than 20 minutes.

Candle Staring Meditation in the Morning:

Candle staring meditation is the best option for especially those who fail to concentrate or focus at the time of their morning meditation. For this type of meditation, all you need to do is to light up a candle and place it in front of you to stare at it and focus.

Sound Meditation

Sound meditation is one of the most effective ways to meditate for beginners and experts alike. According to Mingyur Rinpoche, a Tibetan teacher, and meditation guru, one should “just be simple”. He suggests listening to any sound, at any time.

Close your eyes and listen to a variety of sounds around you and just focus on them for a while. This technique will not only help you to calm down but also pay attention to what you are thinking or feeling at that particular moment.

Visualization Meditation

Visualization in meditation is meant to increase a sense of calm, peace, and relaxation by imagining a picture, scene, or positive memory. It is highly effective in increasing focus and motivation and being successful at specific goals. If your goal is to build confidence or you’re feeling less energized, imagine a time when you felt that way and let the energy flow into your awareness. The feeling of strength will gradually begin to manifest in real-time as well. It is a very powerful tool that can change one’s personality for good.


Try out different styles, techniques of morning meditation to stick to the one technique that works the best for you

Benefits of Meditation

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Meditating in the morning gives many benefits to the meditator. Some of which we are giving here for you. Which will bring you closer to meditation. So let’s know about the benefits of morning meditation –

  • By doing morning meditation, you experience mental peace as well as physical peace.
  • By meditating in the morning, you feel a new energy in yourself. By which you can work throughout the day, say that your battery remains charged.
  • Doing morning meditation strengthens your senses and makes you rational and logical.
  • Meditating also improves your breathing process. With this, you can also hold your breath. Some respiratory disorders also get corrected.
  • Morning meditation increases your immunity. Due to this, your body can fight against many diseases.

How to Practice Meditation In The Morning?

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You just need to find a path that suits you and so you start practicing it.

But it can be a little difficult to notice what will be right for you if you are doing meditation for the first time. Hence, the following are some meditations to help you start your day with a smile on your face and freshness in your thoughts.

A good morning starts with peace of mind. Access the beautiful nature which helps you to calm down and enjoy the daily morning.

Beginners usually find it difficult to connect themselves to the ‘energy’ that has been talked about in traditional meditation practices. But the difficulty can be overcome if you start practicing guided meditation.

An easy way to start morning guided meditation is to wake up early in the morning and get ready for it. Plus it can help you customize your morning meditation based on your preferences.

You can create your meditation music playlist, from which you can manage to calm the mind by listening to one of the music while meditating. After that move on to meditation.

Get into the meditative posture and try the instrument to meditate on your senses amidst the music, which will help you find your true peaceful inner self.

As a result, by including guided morning meditation in your daily routine, you will be able to start your day with renewed vigor. You can practice meditation in any asana of yoga. Just be comfortable in that posture. So that you can be able to concentrate.

What Is The Most Effective Meditation Techniques?

One of the most important things to consider when meditating is choosing the environment in which you will meditate. Choose a comfortable place and position, because you won’t be able to meditate if your attention is distracted. Keep your back straight and breathe.

Stay away from your “working brain” – one that likes to jump to different thoughts or feelings based on prejudice. Try to bring your attention back and focus on what matters most. Think of thoughts as floating clouds.

You don’t need to interact with them, so don’t worry about their presence. They will come and go. Focus on your breathing, and you will see that you are now ready to take it beyond this stage. Choose one type of meditation from the list above and start meditating.

Best Calming Meditation Techniques

Sit in a comfortable position and relax and breathe slowly. Now slowly start to tense and relax your muscles from head to toe or the other side. Tense each muscle area for 10 seconds and release all tension.

This type of calming meditation has garnered critical reviews for its effectiveness, and you should definitely try using this technique when starting to learn to meditate.

If you’d like more help with meditation, play our guided meditations as video or audio to help put the working mind away and reach a peaceful, calm state of mind.


After waking up in the morning to meditate for 10 minutes, your life can change unprecedentedly. Daily meditation in the morning infuses a new consciousness inside the person and offers you better mental health.

Meditating should be the first thing in the morning as a self-care routine for your body. This helps you focus your brain and makes absolute sense. Moreover, meditating helps you wake up completely, help you focus on life, reduce stress, etc.


Q. Is it best to meditate as soon as you wake up?

A. Morning routine is usually thought to be the most suitable time to meditate as your mind is fresh and quiet. Also, most of us are less likely to flake out in the morning.

People who perform breathing exercises every day appreciate guided morning meditations since they set a productive and calm tone before distractions and activities begin.

Moreover, when you practice guided meditation following morning routines with the guidance of a meditation teacher. Take deep breaths to get the best benefits of morning meditation.

Q. How long should I meditate each morning?

A. Morning meditations for a few moments will set the perfect tone for your whole day and allow you to be content, optimistic, and focused. Trying to practice 15 minutes of guided meditation a day should be your first thing in the morning. In case you have to, start with five minutes as well as slowly work your way up to get the most benefits of morning meditation.

Q. Can you teach yourself transcendental meditation As Daily Meditation Practice?

A. Transcendental Meditation uses a special sound or mantra with a life-subsidiary value, to progressively calm the mind with a daily meditation practice. So, if you are a morning person, yes you can teach yourself transcendental meditation. But it is always advisable to hire an expert for daily morning meditation practice. This will provide you with the most benefits of morning meditation.

Q. How To add meditation practice To your Daily Routine?

A. Mornings are the most suitable times of day to add daily meditation to your routine. For4 this, choose a quiet space where sitting in silence won’t be so challenging. After sitting in silence with all the peace of the world, you can start a morning meditation.

For this, bent knees to sit on the floor or cross your right foot and left foot to sit in a relaxing position. While meditating, make sure to take deep breaths. In this way, meditate for at least five minutes and then gradually increase the time.

Q. What Are The Benefits Of Regular Meditation?

A. There are many benefits of guided meditation if you practice it daily. These benefits are as follows:

  • Improve mental health
  • Fill your entire day with positive emotions
  • Reduce stress
  • Make your entire body fully awake and help you stay alert
  • Help focus on your daily duty
  • Provide you energy for the day
  • Activate your brain cells and help your brain work properly
  • Help you focuses on a distinctive intention
  • Meditation helps you relax and fill your entire body with energy to run the day ahead with great enthusiasm
  • Help you live the present moment with a relaxed state of mind
Q. Is TM just Mantra Meditation?

A. Transcendental meditation is a form of Bhavatiya meditation mantra yoga or chanting yoga. Mahishi Mahesh Yogi was the master of this meditation. This is a simple and natural meditation method.

Q. How meditation improves mental health?

A. Life in modern times is as difficult as it gets. Also, the complexities of daily life make it difficult for some people to deal with their daily problems. Calming meditation techniques can help deal with day-to-day stressors, whether it’s business burnout or a strained relationship.

Just as a physically ill body needs a doctor’s help, a tired and heavy mind also needs some attention. It is a globally understood fact that meditation can have a profound effect on one’s mental health.

People increasingly believe that it helps increase concentration levels and reduce stress-related anxiety and depression. Though meditation cannot solve your real problems, but it can definitely give you the power to deal with them.

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