White Skeleton Meditation | Origin | Benefits

White Skeleton Meditation

Every new day bringing new types of yoga and meditation practices. One such meditation is white Skeleton Meditation. With Dr. Setareh Moafi’s Guidance and Shakyamuni Buddha’s teaching, the White Skeleton Meditation cleanses our body’s darkest form of the bones— Yin — which echoes with our Kidney’s core, recognized as Jing. When we practice this meditation regularly, this deeply calming earliest Daoist meditation purifies our body and mind. So, let’s now know in detail about the White Skeleton Meditation.


What Is White Skeleton Meditation & Its Origin?

what is White Skeleton Meditation

The white skeleton meditation in Tibetan Buddhist’s practice and in other civilizations of Buddhism as a procedure of approval death and ephemerality. This meditation practice is deep for humanizing a profound sense of vitality and groundedness, as well as calmness within yourself. People who love anatomy, for those it’s a focus meditation.

This meditation has helped out people’s mind chatter and let’s go over the pictures. It’s also a boundless way of bringing into line with our soul body to appear in the Third dimension. One should be cautious in this reflection to picture with exactness.

I don’t suggest it for everybody with any hyper burdensome, bipolar-related issues, or late injury except if they have a great help, for the Kundalini energy does rise and issues do approach from the tissue.

Step-By-Step Guide To Do White Skeleton Meditation

how to do white skeleton meditation

  • Sit down in your typical meditation pose
  • Fix your back tenderly as though stacking one vertebra on top of the other
  • Loosen up your shoulders and keep the head equitably adjusted and fold your jaw somewhat inwards
  • Allow your tongue to contact the sense of taste
  • Loosen up your face
  • Close your eyes
  • Discuss the name of every one of the 32 body parts* verbally and afterward quietly
  • Notice the tone, shape, area, bearing, and cutoff points of each part
  • Think about the capacity performed by each for a couple of seconds
  • Be aware of any impressions that emerge inside the body
  • Additionally, be aware, all things considered, and feelings emerging while at the same time focusing on each part
  • On schedule, as your training extends, you will see the parts separating into the essential components of robustness (earth), liquidity (water), movement (air), and temperature (fire)
  • Think about upon this disclosure of the ephemeral idea of the body and brain
  • End the meditation by stretching out cherishing thoughtfulness to your body understanding that it is the solitary vehicle accessible to ship you on your otherworldly way


White skeleton meditation frees you of your connection to the body and of your wrong perspective on oneself. It is a counteractant to desire and hoodwinked conduct and can launch you on your way to Nirvana.

How Does White Skeleton Meditation Benefit?

White skeleton meditation frames a little piece of a lovely broad arrangement of Buddhist meditations.

The framework includes various degrees or phases of meditations beginning with four tones – yellow, blue, white, and red, of which white kasina (object) is the best since it makes the brain understood and brilliant.

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