Mooji Meditation | Guided Meditation With Mooji

Mooji Meditation

Among all the actions that we take all day, we hardly give sufficient time to ourselves by sitting quietly. So, today we would like to present to you not just merely sit calmly alone, but also will guide you for meditation with Mooji for reaching your inner peace.

What we truly are isn’t just what we actually think that we are, and not simply what we’ve been made to believe we’re. Really, astonishingly, beautifully, we learn a level of natural well-being-ness and peace, silence, and joy. And here in the wisdom of our Self, an excessive serenity you will learn.

This, that we will find today, you will see that it is consistently here. That is the most brilliant thing about this.


Mooji Guided Meditation


Mooji is a genuine light in this world, whose presence, astuteness, and cherishing direction guide us toward who we are past the limits of our own molding and personality.

In open associations with this incredible otherworldly Master, searchers of Truth from all foundations and customs are acquainted with the immediate way to opportunity through self-request and The Invitation—which is ending up being perhaps the best guides for valid and enduring Self-acknowledgment.

All-inclusive in his allure, Moojibaba’s astuteness, empathy, transparency, and humor significantly contact the hearts of the individuals who meet him, along these lines rousing everyone to discover inside themselves the profound harmony, love, and quiet they perceive in him.

Where to Get Mooji Guided Meditation?

Sahaja Express is the place where Mooji’s generally immediate and private unconstrained discussions are shared.

Sahaja Express isn’t for the simply inquisitive however for those creatures who are in a condition of teaching with Satsang profoundly installed in the heart.

On the off chance that you are as of now following the Master’s direction and seeing his pointings proving to be fruitful, at that point Sahaja Express is for you.

What Is Sahaja Express?

Sahaja Express is amazing self-acknowledgment support for sincere and committed searchers of Truth.

This entryway into day-by-day existence with Mooji welcomes you to stroll close by him as he draws in with his more adult understudies. Accept this open door to move all the more profoundly and quickly into a definitive acknowledgment of the Self and be immortally cheerful and complete.

Sahaja Express isn’t for the simply inquisitive, yet for the individuals who are prepared and bound to go as far as possible.

How to Do Guided Meditation With Mooji?


Suppose you considered yourself to be as a holder of considerations, and history, and data, and thoughts, and projections, and connections, and information, and everything.

Furthermore, presently for a brief period, only for a couple of seconds you’re asked to simply discharge everything out.

Void everything out, every one of the considerations, every one of the sentiments, the entirety of that, simply leave them to the side for the occasion.

Also, as you are doing this, look what’s going on, really.

You are feeling all the lighter, roomier.

Simply oblige this.

Void. Void.

Some dread may come in the brain. We anticipate that.

At the point when you are taking a stab at anything new some dread may come, yet it isn’t anything by any means.

You are not losing everything, it isn’t being discarded,

you are simply explaining yourself. Simply similarly, now and again, each time you rest in the evening, you hit the sack, your psyche is totally retained into rest.

What’s more, you are thoroughly unfilled, and in this way you can unwind, recharge, your well-being gets lifted up, your framework is controlled.

It is a magnificent vital capacity throughout everyday life.

So similarly, I will request that you do this deliberately.

Simply leave everything like you are sleeping, yet you’re alert, cognizant.

So forget about everything. Leave everything to the side.

Maybe it isn’t what you expected, however, permit that to be.

What amount more vacant would you be able to turn into?

Any idea, any most loved thoughts, basically permit them to be cleared aside.

We don’t need to be excessively careful about that.

Simply your mentality as of now is an incredible advancement; you are leaving everything wonderful to the side.

Presently, take a gander at this, that in this incredible space of void, you are completely here, right? On the off chance that each idea, or feeling, memory, or projection, anything that has been put away in the brain, and every one of the propensities, were to be eliminated, you would find that your Self, your genuine Being can’t be taken out.


Also, this is the spot from which what is going back and forth is noticed with guided meditation. It is guidance like all of life resembles a sky with mists simply gliding by. It is something that is simple and fine. You resemble the actual sky, still, quiet, perpetual, unaffected. Agree and feel that harmony without much thought.


Q. What is the simplest meditation?

A. The simplest way to start meditating is to quietly sit and concentrate on your breath.

Q. Who is Mooji wife?

A. Krishnabai is Mooji’s wife.

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