5 Reason Why You Need Meditation Stool

meditation stool


The first and foremost thing in meditation is to sit effectively yet comfortably. There are mainly 2 significant principles, which you must bear in your mind while preparing yourself for a suitable sit for meditation.

For this reason, you may need a meditation stool. Since your posture has to permit you to be comfortable as well as to relax and at the same time your posture has to permit you to keep on aware and alert.

If you are uncomfortable in your meditation practice then you won’t be able to meditate properly because of that discomfort.

In case you cannot relax then you will not be able to enjoy your meditation practice and thus, you will not be able to let go of the fundamental emotional battles that root your bodily tension.


Why One Should Use a Meditation Stool or Chair or Cushion?


We all are familiar with the saying that you can meditate anywhere anytime. But do you know that if you do not feel comfortable then you will not be able to do your meditation properly? Many people have many issues regarding their seating posture.

For those people, it is advisable to use a meditation stool or meditation chair, or cushion. Let’s now check why one should use a meditation stool or chair or cushion to practice meditation:

Makes Your Meditation More Reachable


If you’re more established or have damage or restricted adaptability, you may look at pictures of individuals in meditation or sitting in a lotus position and imagine that meditation isn’t for you.

Sitting appropriately is a significant piece of meditation, yet is anything but a one size fits all circumstance. You should almost certainly sit up straight and free of agony. While customary positions may not work for you, a meditation seat can make things progressively open.

If you can’t get down on the floor or twisting your knees for broadened timeframes is impossible, a normal tallness seat with pads is a phenomenal option.

On the off chance that you experience difficulty sitting up straight or have back damage, a story seat with back help will help you easily keep up a protected stance.

Fortifies The Idea Of a Devoted Meditation Space


It is significant to have its own space devoted to meditation, regardless of whether it is just a little bit of a piece. Having this committed space causes you to build up your meditation propensity.

This seat is a visual update that you should ruminate on; you should allow yourself this time. That is why you must use a meditation stool or chair or cushion while practicing meditation.

Brings solace and expels any bothering


You have presumably as of now pondered by sitting straightforwardly on the ground. In case you’re similar to me, you more likely than not felt that following a couple of minutes, your backside begins to throb.

At that point pursue a progression of developments and corrections and a diversion of the psyche by this inconvenience showed by the bum, legs, or back.

Accordingly, you are unfit to focus on your breathing, your mantra, or your perception. A meditation seat causes battle these distresses to remain alert.

This is another reason to use a meditation stool or cushion or chair during your meditation session.

Keeps up a decent meditation pose


The stance is fundamental in any routine with regards to meditation, it is said that a great stance advances establishing and mindfulness. Your back ought to be as straight as it very well may be agreeable to advance the progression of the vitality stream during the session.

Long, customary sessions in terrible meditation can prompt torment that can divert your brain. An uncommonly planned meditation seat will bolster characteristic arrangement in the diverse sitting or bowing positions.

An ergonomic meditation seat will give you the help you have to keep your spine adjusted. That is why one should use a meditation stool or chair or cushion.

So, as you can see that using a meditation stool or chair or cushion is certainly not mandatory but you can use one if you feel uncomfortable in your sit.

When you can sit comfortably only then you will be able to practice meditation properly. That is the sole reason you must use a meditation stool or chair or cushion.

Meditation Bench For A Comfortable Kneeling Position

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A meditation bench helps you sit comfortably for a long time without hurting your legs. Isn’t it great? So, using a meditation bench, you can practice meditation with peace of mind.

Benefits Of Using Meditation Bench

Here are the benefits you get by using a meditation bench for your daily practice.

Increased concentration and focus

Scientists have proven that even 10 minutes of meditation a day using a meditation bench is not only painless but also increases the ability to concentrate. This means that if earlier you could work for half an hour without being distracted by coffee and Facebook, now you can do it for an hour.

Efficiency decay control

We are all obsessed with the idea of ​​doing as much as possible during the day. And most often we do not notice that at some point we already begin to create the appearance of work, and not do it. Meditation allows you to catch this moment and, for example, change the type of tasks or take a break.

Develop brain

Oddly enough, 10 minutes of “doing nothing” will help you make better decisions by influencing the corresponding area of ​​the brain—the prefrontal cortex. You will be able to understand algorithms faster, build architecture, and find bugs.

Increases learning ability

As a developer, continuous learning is one of the main criteria for success. Meditation promotes the development of new brain cells in the hippocampus, which are responsible for our learning and memory.

Improved sleep

Since meditation relieves chronic stress and helps you relax your body, your sleep will be deeper and more restorative. You will feel much fresher and run to your favorite console full of energy.


Meditation is an age-old tradition that has made a place in the modern world. It is a great help for relieving stress and relaxation. Since the meditation technique needs you to sit down for a long time, support, and comfort are paramount. Beyond everything, it’d need extra effort in case you aren’t in a comfortable pose.

For many people, a meditation stool or bench is an ideal companion. Remember that meditation benches come in numerous varieties. So, choose the most suitable one as per your preference and requirement today and practice with peace of mind.


Q. What is a meditation stool/Meditation Bench?

A. A meditation bench is a stool made of wood or another hard object for proper meditation posture. A PI meditation bench helps you sit in the kneeling position without hurting your legs.

Thus, meditation experts recommend beginners use a meditation bench for a proper posture throughout the session for maximum benefits.

However, if you do not have a meditation bench, then you can either use cushions or use a folded blanket to avoid physical discomfort. For daily practice with proper posture, it is better to buy a portable bench.

Q. Are meditation Benches worth it?

A. When you use a meditation bench, you will know whether it is worth the money or not. However, in our opinion, meditation benches are worth every single penny. This is because a meditation bench provides you with proper alignment, good posture, a properly angled seat, and simply the ideal position for your prolonged periods of practice.

Q. Are meditation benches comfortable?

A. Whether meditation benches are comfortable or not depends on various factors. If you buy a too shorter bench height with curve excessively, then it is not comfortable at all.

Moreover, if you have too much weight then it can be uncomfortable. However, if that is the case, you can try different angles for a little while and then change the kneeling position.

Try to keep your feet pointing upward and ankles flat to make sure your kneeling meditation is super comfortable.

Q. Do you need a meditation cushion?

A. The first and foremost thing in meditation is to sit effectively yet comfortably. And for this reason, you may need a meditation cushion or a meditation bench.

A meditation bench unlike a coffee table is of the right height to support your kneeling position, and reduce the pressure on your legs and body.

So, to practice a pain-free, relaxed meditation, you should buy a meditation bench. This is not only a great option but the best option for your body and legs.

Q. How do I choose a meditation cushion?

A. Since your posture has to permit you to be comfortable as well as to relax, you need to pick a meditation cushion that you are comfortable with. Choose a portable meditation bench that you can carry to a different place whenever you need.

The right meditation bench will help you maintain the right angle for meditating. And thus, you will get several benefits. These benefits are…

  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Provide rest to your legs
  • Keep your shoulders, spine, entire figure straight, etc.
Q. Can I meditate in any position?

A. YES, you can. Meditate in any position that you are comfortable in. But keep one thing in mind do not make yourself so comfortable that you fall asleep during meditation.

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