How To Do Transcendental Meditation Step By Step

In my previous post, I talked about the Vedic Meditation i.e. the Transcendental Meditation (TM). So, if you do not know what Transcendental Meditation is then check it out on this site. Today, in this article I am going to talk about how to practice Transcendental Meditation step by step. So, let’s get started to know how to do Transcendental Meditation techniques for beginners


What Does Transcendental Meditation Mean?

If we define Transcendental meditation, we must say that it is a form of Bharatiya meditation mantra yoga or chanting yoga. In Transcendental Meditation, practitioners are given special transcendental meditation mantras according to their nature.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was the master of meditation. This is a simple and natural meditation method for pure consciousness. In this meditation we do not have to make any effort, it starts automatically. As you now know what is Transcendental Meditation method, you can see that it is very similar to mantra meditation because it uses some special mantras. 

The TM makes your mind super calm as well as lightens your body. The popularity of Bhavantya meditation is growing day by day. This meditation method can also be certified by scientists. Even in foreign countries, big institutions are open to teaching how to do Transcendental Meditation step by step.

In this method, the certified TM teachers teach how to do Transcendental Meditation sessions step by step to achieve all the benefits of Transcendental Meditation. Do you know how to use Transcendental Meditation techniques? Let’s know here now as we already know what transcendental meditation defines:

How To Meditate Transcendental: Step By Step Transcendental Meditation Practice

TM technique uses a special sound or mantra with a life subsidiary value, to progressively calm the mind. And thus, also to bring it to a subtler state of awareness till the cause of our thought is touched. At that point in time, our mind goes into the ‘restful awareness’, where you can feel devoid of thoughts, calm, yet awake. So, let’s now know the guide to transcendental meditation for beginners and how does transcendental meditation work

  • To do this transcendental meditation technique, sit in Padmasana or in a comfortable meditation stool, placing the feet on the floor and keeping your hands on the lap
  • It will be better if you leave your arms and legs uncrossed
  • Now close your eyes take a couple of deep breaths and relax your entire body
  • Then open the eyes, and close them yet again
  • Keep your eyes closed throughout the 20 minutes of practice of Transcendental Meditation
  • Repeat the mantra silently in your mind with concentration
  • This Mantra can be a Sanskrit sound that you got from a Transcendental Meditation teacher/Guru
  • Whenever you are aware of the fact that you are having any thoughts, humbly return to your mantra and chant it in your mind repeatedly
  • After your 20 minutes practice of TM, start to move your toes and fingers to comfort yourself and take you back to this world
  • Open the eyes
  • You can also sit for some more minutes till you feel prepared to carry on with your day
  • As you now know how to do Transcendental Meditation step by step practice it regularly
  • This process is also helpful for Transcendental Meditation for beginners

Characteristics of Transcendental Meditation:

  • You can do this anytime and anywhere
  • We have 20-20 minutes to this meditation method
  • While doing these Transcendental Meditation basics, we have to utter some mantras, which you will get from the institution
  • We need to focus on something
  • In this meditation method, we do not need any kind of effort
  • We do not need any kind of concentration in this meditation
  • You do not even have to control your mind
  • This meditation is a scientific certification for depression and peace of mind. That is how does transcendental meditation work.

Benefits Of Transcendental Meditation

By meditating on the body, we get complete benefits. As you now know how to do Transcendental Meditation step by step, let’s now know its benefits to keep you motivated in this meditation process.

  • The workforce and the creative power of the brain are taken to an extreme extent
  • This meditation can avoid depression. So practice it as you know how to do transcendental meditation step by step
  • Sense meditation provides complete protection to the heart by balancing and lowering blood pressure
  • This meditation produces continuous energy in our body, which keeps us filled with the full day
  • By meditating in our home, our body, mind, and mind become completely healthy
  • By knowing how to do transcendental meditation step by step and practicing it you can get relief from condition of insomnia
  • Reduced anxiety with mindfulness meditation
  • Improve emotional stability
  • Increase creativity
  • Instinctive development
  • Knowing how to do transcendental meditation at home you will be able to get mental peace and clarity
  • Increase in happiness if you practiced Transcendental Meditation
  • Short of troubles
  • Meditation makes the brain focused, and extends, providing relaxation.
  • A sharp intelligence without being extended causes anger, tension, and frustration.
  • An expanded consciousness progresses to an indolent/underdeveloped state without sharpness.
  • Coordination of acumen and extended consciousness brings perfection.

Japa vs Transcendental Meditation

Meditation is influential as well as an effective way to focus on your inner self, mind and thus to reduce your stress. There are some differences between Japa vs Transcendental Meditation or Mantra Meditation vs Transcendental Meditation practice. So, let’s now know the differences below:

Transcendental MeditationJapa Meditation
Vedic Meditation or Transcendental Meditation program is a mantra, which is a technique of achieving internal peace and spiritual renewal by focusing on repetitive mantras in a quiet place. When the mind becomes “stable,” the practitioner is able to go beyond “thinking” and enters into a silent state of ultimate happiness and flushing.The meaning of Japa or mantra is to give relief to the mind, which means giving relief from misery, stress, and suffering, with the help of Japa Meditation or Mantra Meditation. To keep the body clean, it is necessary to take a regular bath, and clothes are required to wash regularly.
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