Heartfulness Meditation: A Complete Guide

Heartfulness Meditation


Heartfulness Meditation is a smooth and subtle method of meditation. This method is based on transmission (Pranahuti). Heartfulness spiritual institution has thousands of centers all over the world. It has 25 centers in Lucknow itself. There is no charge of any kind for meditation in Heartfulness. This particular method of meditation focuses on the mind.

Meditation is very important in life. The very simple technique of meditation is Heartfulness. In today’s stressful life, it should be used for a balanced life. In more than 130 countries of the world, millions of people are practicing Heartfulness Meditation, which is completely free.

In the Heartfulness Meditation program, children aged between 5 to 15 years demonstrated the technique of brain exercise, in which these children tied the black bandage in the eyes using their senses such as ears, nose, and skin to tell the color of various objects.


It is an effort that was made to connect the mind and heart through Heartfulness meditation. This causes the thoughts coming to the mind to slowly reduce and the mind experiences peace.


What Is Heartfulness Meditation?

what is heartfulness meditation


Meditation is a simple way to free your mind, by which you can forget your daily worries and focus on mental relaxation. To get into a contemplative state, we have to learn to be a passive observer of our thoughts. This does not mean that we go beyond thoughts or to force us to get rid of them.

Meditation is a process in which we focus our attention continuously on any one object for a very long time. This is a soft and subtle process in which there is no need to force any kind of force on your mind. As a result of this practice, your concentration and ability to concentrate are increased.

Like developing your remaining abilities, meditation also requires regular practice. There is a general confusion about meditation that it is very difficult, which requires many years of practice to get any results. This is absolutely untrue. Often, people have reported being benefiting from meditation immediately after the first session of their meditation. Only by trying a few steps, you can start it today and experience it yourself.

Heartfulness Meditation:

Heartfulness Meditation practice


The practice of Heartfulness meditation is a method of meditation based on the heart. According to The Heartfulness Way, living is a process in itself.

Heartfulness meditation is the simplest technique of meditation with the help of Pranahuti (transmission). This method is suitable for easy inclusion in your day-to-day business and it can be done at home at your convenience. You can test how suitable this technique is for you in 3 different ways.

Register for masterclasses of meditation, and enjoy 3 free sessions;

Download HeartsApp from here and get a session from our instructor;

Visit any heart spot here and find one of our Certified Heartfulness Instructors and contact them for a meditation session at a fixed time and place as per your convenience.

Learning to meditate has never been easier than this. Start and see for yourself!

How To Do Heartfulness Meditation:

How To Do Heartfulness Meditation


To practice Heartfulness Meditation, it is not necessary to attend a program organized by the Heartfulness Meditation institution. For this, you can simply follow these steps. So, let’s now check out the easy steps to perform Heartfulness Meditation below:

For beginners, a few useful tips to meditate on:

  • Choose a quiet place.
  • Take a comfortable posture and close your eyes and bring your attention to the heart.
  • Start by suggesting that the source of light is present in my heart and it is pulling yourself inwards
  • Meditate for 10 minutes or until you are ready to come out of meditation.
  • Repeat this process morning and evening, every day.
  • By including this time of quiet meditation and thinking in your daily life, it can provide very mental and physical facilities.

Benefits of Heartfulness Meditation Practice:

Benefits of Heartfulness Meditation Practice


Generally, when we take time out of our busy day-work, we spend it on our mobile or laptop. This way of resting is not only harmful to our eyes but also to our brains. Our mind is like a pendulum. It keeps swinging from one end to the other.

What we need is to be in the middle. The best medicine you can give your mind is to control your mind and to give it some rest, by meditating. Meditation acts as a battery-recharger. Only 10 minutes of meditation will make you calm and refreshed and you will be able to handle your remaining work in a better way.

  • Reduces stress and brings peace
  • Regular practice of this meditation helps to focus on your work
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Makes you strong emotionally
  • Keeps you up all-day

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