10 Minute Meditation to Enhance Your Brain Power!

 10 minute meditation


If you have difficulty concentrating in your life, then a 10 minute meditation can prove to be beneficial for you. According to research, meditation can reduce the disorientation of your mind. By meditating at least for 10 minutes on your daily routine you can reduce your anxiety and frequent restlessness.

Many times, such incidents happen around us that you lose peace of mind, which does not make any sense in any work. We can’t stop these incidents but by resting our mind, we can overcome these problems with meditation to work the brain smoothly. Practice 10 minute meditation to boost your mental health.

Technique Of 10 Minute Meditation


Technique Of 10 Minute Meditation:

  • First of all, sit down comfortably on an asana
  • After this, you can put a woolen cloth around your shoulders
  • Hands remain on knees and thighs in the chin mudra
  • Now close your eyes
  • Keep your mind calm at this point of time
  • As soon as you are alert, freeze the elbows, stomach, lower jaw and head, the body gets intense
  • When these “main points” become relaxed, then the entire sitting position becomes tensionless
  • Stay in this position for about 10 minutes. During this, keep your thoughts and feelings calm.
  • Practice meditation exercises according to the associated exercise level
  • Rubbing palms while uttering and keep them on the face and warm the face muscles
  • Tilt the torso forward until the head touches the floor
  • Keep your hands on the floor near the head with ease
  • Now feel the flow of blood in the face muscles
  • Stay in this situation for a while
  • In this way your effort is successful and your blood is well filled in the head
  • Now slowly go straight and open the eyes.
  • In the beginning practice 10 minutes, then increase it to 30-60 minutes, as well as your breathing in meditation should be normalTo Know

Tips for 10 Minute Meditation


Tips for 10 Minute Meditation:

10 minutes meditation and yoga can play a big role in relieving your mental health. First of all, choose a quiet corner of the house for this.

It would be better if you have a morning or evening for meditation because during this time you are full of energy and feel refreshed.

Do not eat before meditation and yoga, although juices or any fruit can be taken.

After a gap of about five minutes, try to focus on keeping yourself calm. Start by thinking about your good deeds.

That’s because when we think of weak or poor experiences, our brain considers him a problem and starts an effort to find a solution.

When we think about our pleasant experiences, there is a feeling of self-satisfaction and a kind of message goes to the brain that everything is fine. It is easy to meditate.

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