4 Best Meditation For Depression?

best meditation for depression


In today’s running life, we do not have time to think about ourselves. Where do we stand How well are we doing? And are we happy in our life? Many such questions come to our minds. But our busyness does not allow us to live our lives and we move towards depression.

Which we do not even know ourselves. A level comes when we get bored with our life. So, let’s know about the best meditation for depression. See this below…

Depression may be quite harmful. Although meditation has the potential to be an effective treatment for depression, it frequently falls short on its own.

Before using other methods, think about getting treatment from a therapist if you have signs of depression. There are many therapists that provide mindfulness-based psychotherapy, so you can also benefit from meditation while receiving treatment.

During a severe depressive episode, meditation can not be very beneficial. You should speak with a mental health specialist or your medical professional if you are experiencing severe symptoms.


Symptoms Of Depression:

Symptoms Of Depression


The symptoms of depression are seen differently in every person. But some common symptoms can be easily identified. Worldwide, 300 million people suffer from depression, but you do not have to worry.

Now there are many things that you can take to help in coming out of depression. So let’s see the symptoms of depression.

Changes In Sleep:

In depression, a person either starts sleeping a lot or starts having trouble falling asleep.

Changes In Appetite & Weight:

Depression is of many types. Some people do not feel like eating anything. They do not feel hungry. On the other hand, some people feel more hungry and they feel like eating something.

In depression, your weight changes. Some people gain weight and some people lose weight. In depression, there is a 5% change in human weight every month.

Feelings Of Guilt/Tired/Lethargic:

Sometimes people with depression always feel that whatever has gone wrong. It is because of them. Because of this, those people keep choking inside.

Sometimes it happens that some people are not able to remain happy even among friends or family. They feel alone even in the crowd.

Many times in depression it happens that without any hard work, you feel tired and lethargic.

Remaining body pain and fatigue on the face is also the biggest symptom of depression.

Running Away From The Crowd & Getting Angry:

When a person is suffering from depression, then he also has a symptom that he likes to be alone more. It has its zone. He lives inside.

Getting angry about small things. Apart from this, feeling irritable all the time.

This is also the biggest symptom of this depression. In depression, a person gets angry without saying anything or anything.

Lack Of Concentration:

In depression, many kinds of things keep going on in your mind. Because of this, you are unable to pay attention to your work and your attention starts diverting from important work. In other things, your focus starts.

Because of this, you start forgetting many things.

Thoughts Of Suicide & Being Afraid:

In depression, many people get so upset with their life that they keep thinking about committing suicide all the time. Along with their life, this world also seems useless.

If there is any kind of fear in the mind of a person suffering from depression, then he accepts it as true and starts thinking about the same. Such as dark, closed rooms, fear of a person, or fear of an accident.

Best Meditation For Depression:

Best Meditation For Depression


Meditation is a good tool to reduce depression, it calms the mind and relieves depression. Meditation also helps in curing many diseases like- sleep problems, diabetes, hypertension, etc. Let us know the best meditations that can help fight against your anxiety and depression.

Hariom Meditation:

Hariom meditation is very beneficial for coming out of depression. The body’s energy starts to decrease due to depression. By doing Hariom meditation, you are filled with energy, and depression is overcome by you.

Hariom meditation is based on the seven energy centers of the body, which removes elements like anxiety and depression.

Sudarshan Kriya:

The health of the breath is also necessary for your good health. Sudarshan Kriya is done to keep the breath healthy. Sudarshan Kriya is a powerful rhythmic respiratory process. It helps in balancing our bodies.

Sudarshan Kriya also works by taking out the toxins present in the body, which causes diseases like depression, anxiety, and stress.

Rest In Meditation:

When in depression, the entire energy of the body is lost, due to which, even after wishing, they are unable to do any work. For this, it is necessary to rest so that you can store energy. Meditation develops energy within the body. The mind becomes happy from the inside. Due to this, all the worries disappear.

The Body Scan Meditation:

To do such meditation, first of all, lie down. Keep in mind that the place you are choosing for meditation should be comfortable and peaceful. After this, you should focus on your whole body. Bring positive thoughts in mind.

Think about what you are feeling when you lie down. When you feel completely relaxed that scan your entire body. Scan, that is, inspect your body to see what your body part is feeling.

For the scan, you can start from your feet and go to the head. By doing this your whole body will feel comfortable and the depression will go away.


The first step in handling anxiety is to comprehend it. We can better understand anxiety triggers and how it works by understanding their irregular character, which is where meditation comes in.

An inability to control one’s emotions is linked to the cognitive state of anxiety. However, studies demonstrate that regular meditation practice rewires neuronal connections in the brain, which enhances our capacity to control our emotions.

Through meditation, we become accustomed to the ideas and narratives that cause anxiety. We discover how to acknowledge, accept, and let go of them.

By doing this, we discover two crucial truths: first, thoughts are not real, and second, thoughts do not define us. We can gradually alter our connection with worry within this new perspective by recognizing the difference between a factual event and an illogical episode.

Learning body awareness, which enables us to bring our attention to any current bodily feelings, is another advantage of this ability.

By mentally moving through the body inch by inch, this practice helps us become more aware of our bodily experiences.

We sit with our senses as we sit with our thoughts as we investigate these feelings. When fear starts to sneak in, this go-to strategy can offer a haven that can be regularly accessed.


mindfulness meditation

Q. What kind of meditation helps depression the most?

A. Different Meditation Techniques are great for Depression. The best types of meditations for depression are as follow

Loving-kindness meditation: focuses on cultivating a lovable and compassionate atmosphere for oneself.

Mindfulness meditation: Some believe that this is the most effective type of meditation.

Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy: With an emphasis on mindfulness you can overcome depression. So, practice mindfulness meditation or Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy.

Yoga: Yoga helps to improve both physical and mental health. Thus, it also helps in curing depression.

Visualization: This helps fight major depressive disorder and allows negative thoughts to disappear.

Chanting: Chanting helps you get rid of negative thinking and other negative feelings. So, improve your visualization and live in the present moment.

Walking meditation: With the help of this type of meditation, your stress response will reduce, and stress levels fall drastically. This type of physical exercise is great for fighting depressive symptoms.

Q. Does meditation aid in treating depression?

A. Depression and anxiety symptoms can be lessened by meditation. Immune system function gets improved by regular meditation. Numerous research, including those conducted in 2016 and 2017 show that meditation helps reduce pain.

There is no “cure” for depression. However, if you incorporate meditation practices into your daily life, you could find it simpler to resist unhelpful thoughts and prevent yourself from becoming caught up in the kind of depressive thought patterns that frequently worsen depression.

Don’t be afraid to contact a kind therapist who may provide more advice on coping mechanisms and other treatments. Therapy may be more effective when combined with meditation.

Q. How soon can depression be alleviated by meditation?

A. According to Harvard Health Publishing, after just eight weeks of starting a meditation practice, beneficial effects can occur. The other advantages of different types of meditation for depression include better memory, meditation practices to treat depression, manage depression, and elevated enjoyment.

It takes time and effort to meditate. You might see a few minor benefits right away, but you won’t likely experience a significant change straight soon.

The majority of studies examining the advantages of meditation examine its effects over several weeks or even months. Like the majority of other methods for treating depression, it could take some time before you start to see any real advantages.

In the interim, make an effort to concentrate on whatever good adjustments you do notice, whether they are a tiny improvement in your attention or a mild uplift in your mood.

Q. What kind of meditation is the most effective?

A. The most effective meditation technique for regenerating the body and mind is Yoga Nidra. So, yoga Nidra helps in reducing stress levels and treating recurrent depression with proper mindfulness practice.

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