6+ Twin Hearts Meditation Benefits

Twin Hearts Meditation


Meditation on Twin Hearts or Twin Heart Meditation (TWHM) cleanses and flushes the aura via the Divine energy. Thus the Twin Hearts Meditation sharpens and clears the mind as well as calms our sentiments.

Meditation on twin hearts mainly works as a spiritual wash. When our aura becomes unpolluted & bright then you’ll experience stillness, calmness, and consequently an advanced level of consciousness.

Let’s now know in detail about this Meditation on Twin Hearts or Twin Heart Meditation (TWHM) in this article below.

Today, in this article I am going to provide you with the technique, benefits of twin heart meditation, and other details of the Twin Heart Meditation. So, check this out below:


What is Twin Hearts Meditation?


Meditation on Twin Hearts or Twin Heart Meditation is an advanced level of meditation technique to activate and achieve universal consciousness or illumination through the development of the heart and crown energy centers.

Heart and crown energy centers are referred to as “twin hearts”. With blessings on twin hearts, this blessing brings on earth harmony: An invaluable form of the World Service is love, kindness, peace, happiness, and goodwill.

Through Twin Hearts Meditation, it’s possible to get the light and reach out to the higher soul’s knowledge and guidance.

This meditation provides us with divine love and divine peace. The upper soul receives the soul with an open hand like a father of a son.

Our incarnate soul finds pleasure in materialistic and trivial things. Self-actualization is possible with the unmatched soul and harmony of the high soul.

When we meditate on the Twin Heart, we reach the higher soul.


Meditation on the twin hearts makes a bridge between an emotional love of our soul as well as the high soul of the divine love.

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Why One Should Practice Twin Heart Meditation?

twin hearts meditation

Twin Hearts meditation master co


The experts say that an individual whose aura isn’t clear, can’t think vividly. The Meditation on Twin Hearts or Twin Heart Meditation helps us to clear our aura with spiritual power.

When one meditates on twins, we call for divine blessings and divine love.

Happy events that the Guru asks us to remember to open our Crown Chakra and the heart cycle. We are receptive to achieving divine peace of mind.

This spiritual power helps us to purify our shadows and therefore we are capable of seeing and understanding the whole thing with better clarity.

Daily, we take a shower. The practice of meditation on twin hearts is also like taking a spiritual bath. When your aura is clear, you can experience a greater level of consciousness.

When your aura is clear, you see clearly through things. It even enhances your fortune.

Therefore, if we can do this exercise regularly to meditate, we will be able to process a clean aura and get a clear idea.

Negative thoughts will have to stay away as well as we can see our life with good positivity. Meditation on twin hearts benefits so many.


When you are filled with calmness and peace of mind, your mind becomes clearer and the process of thinking is quick. That is why one should practice Twin Heart Meditation.

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How to Practice?


Here I am giving twin heart meditation steps so that you can practice them properly. So, let’s now check out the steps below:

  • To practice Meditation on Twin Hearts, start with a warm-up through easy & simple movements such as neck rolling, shoulder rolling, squatting, stretching, pull-ups, push-ups, and knee rolling
  • Do these warm-up exercises at least for 10 minutes before you head for Meditation on Twin Hearts
  • These warm-up exercises make our brain and body active and ready for meditation practice
  • After your warm-up, sit in a comfortable position
  • Make sure that your spine is erect and properly aligned
  • Breathe intensely for a few minutes till your whole body becomes calm and relaxed
  • Start thinking positively by remembering the blessings that you get from your God, parents, spiritual healers, and teachers
  • This is the main step of starting the heart chakra
  • Now place the hands on the middle of the heart
  • Begin thinking of the greatest moments of your life and triggering your thought procedure of happy and positive feelings is the greatest way of stimulating the heart chakra
  • Once you feel happy and positive, touch the center of the head
  • Your head is the beginning center of your crown chakra
  • So, touch the head for about 2 minutes and then start blessing the whole world
  • Now you’ll feel the presence of your heart chakra & crown chakra all together in the body; then begin blessing the whole universe
  • At this point imagine a bright light at the center of the brain
  • Now chant the sanctified word “Om” at the time of visualizing the existence of the light
  • Let this light spread over your brain as well as the whole body
  • When the body gets occupied with this optimistic light, release it to the surroundings
  • Finally, slowly open your eyes and repeat this same procedure every day to practice the Twin Heart meditation.

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Benefits of Meditation On Twin Hearts:

energy healing


Focusing on the Meditation on Twin Hearts is a great tool that is expected to garner a vibration towards the expansion of higher states of consciousness and the level of consciousness.

At present, thousands of people from different backgrounds and religions are practicing this meditation. Let’s now check out the Twin Hearts Meditation benefits/Twin Heart meditation benefits below:

Increase Your Self-Esteem:

When you become more powerful, you can do a lot; So it helps you create a good image of yourself.

Provides Better Health And Pranic Healing:

Once you through Divine Channel Flow, it naturally flushes and cleans the unwanted energy within your system; So after the meditation, you become a fresher version of yourself.

Improves Mental Health:

Twin Hearts Meditation breaks its aura and chakras within unwanted emotions and thought forms.

From this, happiness and positivity come naturally to you. This process thus reduces your anxiety, depression, and tension.

Divine Energy Flows:

Once you make yourself available to serve, you know good deeds as good fortune in life that make a lot of people lucky in their daily life activities.

Improve Your Relationships:

You will be filled with love and mercy. This love brings harmony to your relationship. So, to improve your relationship with your parents or partner or with anyone else around you, you can practice this meditation daily.

Provides Bright Mind And Greater Happiness:

Once you have unwanted thought forms and feelings out of your system, you can clean your mind. Not only this but the Meditation On Twin Hearts also your feelings to become more sophisticated.


Regular practice of Twin Hearts Meditation increases the size of our spiritual umbilical cord. We became more associated with our high spirits. It enables us to interact with our high spirits for guidance, peace, and power.

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Q. Do twin heart meditations work?

A. YES, the meditation of Twin Hearts brings positive life transformation, opens your heart and crown chakras, improves your emotional heart, and brings a sense of loving-kindness. This meditation involves blessing and creates such an effect around your entire earth that you achieve illumination.

As per Master Choa Kok Sui if you practice group meditation for personal healing you will get amazing and dramatic results by removing unwanted energies from your body as the Twin Hearts technique developed to bring that.

Q. Are Twin Heart Meditations safe?

A. Of course, the meditation of opening twin hearts is safe. It helps simple and severe ailments with proper practice. Moreover, this practice brings good luck and inner peace.

However, to practice this meditation properly, you need to seek help from an expert. And finding an expert is not a worrisome task as this meditation on twin hearts is being practiced globally by tens of thousands of people. People practicing this meditation around the world, are getting inner illumination, a better life, a spiritual heart, a divine heart, etc.

Nevertheless, if you go wrong in this practice then the twin heart disintegrates your unwanted thought forms and unwanted emotions within your chakras and aura with extended levels.

Q. What Are twin heart meditations?

A. Meditation on Twin Hearts or TWHM cleanses and flushes the aura via the Divine power. This meditation is also known for its pranic healing power, positive life transformation, etc. It makes positivity, increases good luck, sows love, reduces stress, brings excess energy, helps to sharper mind, and also helps to create lots more energy.

Q. What are the benefits of twin heart meditation?

A. Focusing on the Twin Hearts Meditations is a noble tool for the expansion of higher states of consciousness. There is a handful of benefits of this meditation. With regular practice of this meditation, you can miraculously heal your body, bring good karma, get improved health, and reduce stress in life.

Q. What Is The Proper Way to Practice Twin Heart Meditation?

A. When you are filled with calmness and peace of mind, your mind becomes clearer. That is why one should practice Twin Heart Meditation.

Q. What is Pranic Healing meditation?

A. Pranic healing meditation is truly a kind of energy medicine. This practice amplifies, regulates, and directs the prana (which is the breath of life) for energy and healing purposes. You can practice this sitting in a semi-lotus position. Pranic Healers received a tremendous amount of energy by practicing this meditation.

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