What Are The Benefits Of Sleep Meditation Music?

sleep meditation music


A recent survey conducted in India has revealed the fact that more than 75% of people living in large metropolitan areas approach their doctors with sleep-related complaints. Why? Because of excessive stress, people are forgetting the natural sleep and trying to sleep with the help of medicines. But do you know that you can practice sleep meditation or yoga Nidra or listen to sleep meditation music to overcome this problem?

Sleep is the best way to rest. That is why those who sleep well, they always remain healthy and they are also happy with their mind. For this reason, you must practice sleep meditation or yoga Nidra or listen to sleep meditation music if you are suffering from insomnia.

Yoga sleep or sleep meditation is an ancient meditation technique. Yoga sleep is truly a boon for people suffering from stress and anxiety. This is an easy way to calm and refresh the turbulent mind. Yoga is generally done in the awakened state but Yoga is very special in sleep, it is done by laying it down.

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What is Sleep Meditation or Yoga Nidra



What is Sleep Meditation or Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra or Sleep Meditation is such a condition between waking and sleeping in which you realm the new energy though relaxing your body. You may fall asleep for some times in the initial stages of this sleep meditation’s practice, but gradually you will achieve the right way to practice it.

While practicing this, lie down restfully on the floor and concentrate on the breath, also try to peep into the intermission. After sometimes you’ll feel in peace. This state is called Sleep Meditation or Yoga Nidra. For this meditation, you can also play sleep meditation music in the background. Make sure that the sleep meditation music is soothing.

If your sleep meditation music is not soothing then you may not be able to complete your sleep meditation. So, the selection of sleep meditation music is vital in yoga Nidra or sleep meditation.

Yoga Nidra or Sleep Meditation Music:

Usually, there are two states of man – you either wake up or fall asleep in deep sleep. But in Yoga Nidra or sleep meditation, you are fully aware of all the symptoms of deep sleep on body and mind. For this, you need to listen to sleep meditation music to keep yourself awake.

How To Do Yoga Nidra Or Sleep Meditation


How To Do Yoga Nidra Or Sleep Meditation?

You can either seek help from an expert or can do it yourself. But it may take a long time to reach the right level. Let us know how you can do the yoga Nidra or Sleep meditation with sleep meditation music in the background.

  • For the practice of sleep meditation, choose an open and calm space
  • It should be a place where you do not bother anybody and you can easily practice your sleep meditation calmly.
  • Select loose clothing for sleep meditation
  • You need to place any cloth or blanket on the ground
  • Play a soothing sleep meditation music in the background
  • Lay the blanket on the floor and lie in the respiration (lying on the back)
  • Close the eyes
  • Initially, taking a deep breath, gradually come to normal stage
  • After that, you have to calm your mind and forget all the thoughts that are going on in the mind
  • After this, you move your attention towards right foot and paws
  • Focus your focus on this place for a few seconds
  • After this, take a closer look towards the knees and thighs while coming upwards
  • During this, carefully consider the right foot to be completely conscious
  • After this, you take meditation towards the middle of your bodies such as genitalia, stomach, navel, and chest
  • Then completing the middle part of the body, you have to take your meditation one by one with fingers, palms, elbows, shoulders, neck, face, and brain.
  • After taking meditation on all the organs, take a deep breath and feel the healthy waves coming in the body
  • Now slowly take meditation towards the external environment
  • After a while, you lay down on the right
  • Leave the breath out of the nostril on the left side
  • This will bring the temperature of your body to a normal state
  • After some time, slowly rise and sit and open your eyes

Benefits of Sleep Meditation Music


Benefits of Sleep Meditation Music:

In today’s urban environment every other person has a problem of stress and depression. The biggest reason for this is the lack of time. Due to stress and depression, people also come in the grip of other diseases. Sleep meditation is considered an effective remedy to avoid such problems. Some of sleep meditation music benefits are below:

  • With the help of sleep meditation music, you can relax your mind
  • Yoga Nidra increases concentration. You get concentrated in doing any work.
  • With the help of sleep, after doing other postures of yoga, body temperature can be brought to the normal level
  • Yoga sleep will ease your brain’s fatigue. As a result, you are stress-free.
  • With the help of this, the function of the nervous system gets restored by controlling the energy obtained from various Yoga Asanas.
  • The practice of sleep meditation helps one with the smooth functioning of your nervous system, the efficiency of other parts of the body increases.
  • So, you can control your brain with sleep meditation music and increase your efficiency. This is a very simple way to meditate. Simultaneously, with the effect of yoga dormancy, you gradually get away from bad habits. So, try to practice sleep meditation regularly.